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Believe it or not, if you don’t want that phone book, Yellow Pages directory publishers don’t want you to have it.

Revamped consumer choice website offers customized Yellow Pages delivery options.


The Yellow Pages industry has launched an upgraded website that allows consumers to manage the delivery of the phone directories.

The website, developed by the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) and the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP), gives consumers a single location to select which yellow pages directories they wish to receive, or to stop delivery altogether.  Consumers may personalize their delivery options by visiting

I am passing along this information as a public service but please understand it in no way is a suggestion that you completely cease delivery of your local Yellow Pages directories, as I still strongly believe in the value of the print product.  But the industry has faced many challenges lately, particularly from environmental groups, and the consumer choice website is simply their way of saying, “we’ve heard your concerns and we are here to address them.”

And here’s a little information worth sharing with the eco-friendly folk: today’s directories are printed on paper that is either recycled or made from leftover woodchips from the lumber industry.  No new trees are killed to make the paper for the Yellow Pages directories.  Publishers are also utilizing soy-based inks and have redesigned their phone books to minimize paper usage.

And please remember, the Yellow Pages industry encourages consumers receiving print directories to recycle them at the end of their cycle.

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