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Facebook Partners with LegitScript: What Your Rehab Marketing Team Needs to Know

The first wave of restrictions to paid advertising channels for the addiction treatment industry took place September 2017. 11 months later, Facebook joined Google in the effort to...


3 Crucial Ways Drug Addiction Detox Is Like Technical SEO?

Detox. It’s the important first step in an addict’s recovery. Your team knows that a successful detox sets the tone for the entire recovery journey. You might be...


Call Quality Or Call Quantity? 3 Metrics To Determine Call Impact For Rehabs

It’s the dog days of summer – and that means spending time in the sun doing fun things like fishing. Fishing is a challenge requiring patience and persistence....


3 Strategies When Marketing To Generation X For Senior Living Providers

The crumbling of the Berlin Wall. The Great Recession of 07/08. The show ‘Friends’. Generation X has witnessed and experienced major shifts in the world, workforce, and in...


How To Prepare For Google’s Speed Update: Speed Testing, Tactics & More!

Google makes anywhere between 500-600 algorithm updates a year, but the search giant’s announcement on January 17th in its Webmaster blog impacts the search landscape in a major...


A Rehab Marketer’s Guide To Short, Mid & Long-Term SEO Success In 2018

Before September 2017, rehab marketers could take the proverbial ‘lift’ to the summit of the mountain in the form of quick hitting and highly visible PPC ads on...


Positive Benefits From Consistent Content Creation For Rehab Marketing

With over 3 million blog posts (and counting) published daily, your rehab marketing team might question, “What’s the point in spending so much time to create content? Isn’t...


Senior Living Marketer’s: Think Local Search Is Just Google? Think Again.

If the web is like the wild west, then to many, Google‘s considered the lone saloon in town. Senior living marketers might be surprised to learn that Google...

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