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3 Key Insights for Self Storage Marketing Teams to Impact Length of Stay

Is your self storage organization leveraging its data to impact length of stay? When disparate datasets are isolated instead of being integrated, it can be difficult to glean...


How to Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Senior Living Content Marketing | Part 2 of 3

In-between carting kids to tee ball and soccer games during jam-packed weekends, you likely have spring cleaning projects to complete before summer kicks off. Whether these projects include...


What’s Most Important in Data Science for Senior Living: People, Process or Technology?

It’s likely your executive director has articulated the phrase ‘People, Process and Technology’ (PPT). Just perform a quick Google search and you’ll find results preaching that it’s the...


How to Apply Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method to Senior Living Content Marketing | Part 1 of 3

Spring marks the time of year for cleaning and reorganizing. If you’re in the process of decluttering your home, it’s likely Marie Kondo has served as an inspiration...


2 Google Search Console Insights for More Effective Content Marketing in Senior Living

Does your team ever feel like it’s spinning its wheels covering the same content topics? While it’s common practice for senior living marketing teams to log into Google...


What Are Google Posts and 4 Tips to Utilize Them

A claimed, verified and optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile is a prominent ranking factor in local seo and substantially improves visibility potential. But, is your company utilizing...


What is Data Science? A Definition, Methodology and Framework

“It’s too futuristic and not applicable to my business’s needs” – is a statement commonly heard when discussing data science, automation, AI and/or machine learning. But is that...


Bye Bye Bing Ads, Hello Microsoft Advertising: PPC Advertising Update

On April 29th, after almost seven years of being referred to as Bing Ads, Microsoft announced in its blog that it was rebranding its suite of advertising products...

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