Swatch Out! Two Considerations on How to Use Color in Marketing Your Senior Living Experience to Seniors & ACI’s

Remember Disney’s revisionist take on the story of Pocahontas from the 90’s? In a pivotal scene within the film, Pocahontas implores John Smith to paint with the colors of the wind. Well, senior living marketing professionals you can do the same. This method, when carefully applied to your craft of creating compelling marketing collateral and posts, can make a major impact on your potential residents and their ACI’s.

We’ll explain.

In this post, we’re adding some color in marketing, so your team can create effective marketing collateral that has added depth that drives phone calls and tours. You’ll learn:

  • Two considerations when adding color in marketing to create effective marketing collateral

Break Out Your Paint Brushes, and Strategically Implement These Two Considerations When Using Color in Marketing

We won’t bore your senior living marketing team with a lesson on color theory, though the psychology behind it is intriguing to say the least. And intuitively, in your life outside your vocation, have most likely agonized over what color paint to use on walls, the interior design & color scheme of a kitchen, etc. So, we know that color matters, and believe it or not, color in marketing matters more – especially from the standpoint of competitive differentiation. Let’s go beyond a branded logo to explore:

Consideration #1 When You Use Color in Marketing: Don’t Paint With ALL the Colors of the Wind – Use Complementary Colors or Split Complementary Colors: What do we mean by complementary colors? See this quick chart below:

Your senior living community unfortunately can’t be everything to everyone, and this applies to your use of color in marketing as well. Complementary, or split complementary colors will show an adherence to your senior living brand and tone. Think of your senior living community’s branding as a safely walled garden. Don’t throw the rope over the wall. Your team needs to stay true to its branding, while understanding what calculated risks it can take to create juxtaposition and eye-catching visuals.

That said, by using complementary colors, your senior living marketing team will know with confidence which colors are more impactful, and thus will be able to create more effective marketing collateral. Depending upon approvals, your senior living marketing team could get started implementing this consideration to the following pieces of marketing collateral:

  • Branded Logos
  • Infographics
  • Resource Guides
  • Brochures
  • Print Ads
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Social posts

Consideration #2: Take Your Use of Color in Marketing & Developing Effective Marketing Collateral to the Next Level With This Handy Color Calculator Tool: Sessions College created a wonderful resource for expert or novice designers. So, regardless of where your skillset resides, rest assured: the color calculator makes your senior living marketing job easier. How?

The color calculator has an easy-to-use three step process that allows your senior living marketing team to test the compatibility of your complementary or split complementary color scheme. You can type in the exact RGB or CMYK values so your team doesn’t have an approximation of color in marketing material. Now that your team has this tool at its disposal, you can add subtle elements to produce effective marketing collateral. Try to implement the following, now that your team is playing with color:

  • Incorporating neutral background colors that place the emphasis on your primary visual you want seniors or ACI’s to see
  • Changing the contrast on pictures to place emphasis on the emotion you want to convey in your marketing collateral
  • Adding tint to images to help the text in brochures or Print ads stand out
  • Making impactful infographics that incorporate the color scheme of your complementary or split complementary colors

Start Adding Some Color to Your Senior Living Marketing Collateral

As long as the color schemes you’re implementing stay true to the senior living brand, you’ll be set up for success. Again, treat your community or organization as a safely walled garden. Now that your senior living marketing team knows which lines to color within, you can begin creating more impactful, resonate, and ultimately – effective marketing collateral. If your team feels stuck in this process, don’t stay silent. Reach out to our team, and we’ll try our best to help your community add some color, without painting with every color of the wind.

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