Over 200 Senior Living Marketers have Spoken: 2 Insights from the Guide

Every senior living organization has unique challenges. No doubt about it. But after surveying over 200 of your senior living marketing peers, sales and marketing leaders, and industry experts, we learned there are more shared challenges than you might think, and they all tie directly back to your resident acquisition goals.

In fact, our team learned the four greatest shared challenges senior living marketing leaders are facing, and provide 5 tactics to tackle those challenges within the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide. This week, the FIFF team explores 2 insights your team can use to overcome the shared challenges and have a winning year of sales, marketing, and resident acquisition.

Insight #1: Make Your Website the core of Your Senior Living Marketing Strategy

Your website should be the official record for all the activities a community is engaged in, and the center of your communication strategy. 60% of a community’s leads are driven from online sources. Is your community truly maximizing this dynamic way to connect with residents?

Your website is your “always on” 24/7, 365 days-a-year resource that speaks to your community’s rich history, displays pictures, floor planners, encourages tours and engages with all prospective visitors. On top of that, your website is completely in your community’s control, and can be updated on the fly, unlike other channels.

Check out Page 7 within the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide to obtain additional context in how your website helps solve the commonly shared challenges facing senior living marketers.

Insight #2: Use both Branded and Non-Branded Keywords

So, your website is the primary way residents connect with your brand. What happens to prospective residents who have never heard of your senior living community before, but are in the crucial information gathering phase? It’s important to optimize your website so it’s visible to those familiar with your brand as well as for people conducting general searches about senior living.

Seniors and caregivers are researching options, learning, and making considerations long before picking up a phone or filling out a form. Don’t become so focused on your community’s brand that you neglect the prospective resident who’s gathering information. Addressing their needs and answering their questions early on are pivotal ways to cultivate loyalty, while positively impacting resident acquisition.

Optimize your website’s content for the way people are searching which will help search engines understand the services your community provides and match user’s search queries. Starting with a non-branded focus will help your community engage with prospective residents while reducing the chances of having a lead slip through the cracks. Learn more about how branded and non-branded keywords fit into the larger framework of tactics on Pages 7 and 8 after downloading your copy of the guide.

What else does the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide Cover?

In addition to the 2 insights covered in today’s FIFF, the 2018 Senior Living Marketing Guide addresses:

  • The current state of Senior Living Occupancy in 2018
  • Marketing budgets and allocation insights
  • The four biggest challenges facing senior living marketers in 2018
  • 5 tactics senior living communities can use to tackle their shared challenges and have a winning 2018

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the insights gleaned from over 200 of your peers. Download your copy of the guide below.

For additional questions about the guide, contact Phil and the Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces team. Together, we’ll help your senior living community overcome the challenges 2018 will bring.

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