3 Tips to help Your Senior Living Community Maximize Heat Mapping

We have Harry S Truman to thank for coining the phrase “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.” If your senior living community applies the phrase to its website and handles heat mapping, it will get a greater percentage of its leads to convert into tours and move-ins.

Heat mapping helps marketers determine the pages and elements most important to your site’s visitors. Your community can use heat mapping to improve the user-experience (UX) everywhere from your home page to specific landing pages.

To convert website traffic at a higher rate on key pages, senior living marketing teams will need to use heat mapping to inform UX and conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts. We’re providing some heat mapping tips to help your community maximize its sites conversion potential. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of heat mapping
  • 3 heat mapping tips to optimize pages and increase conversions

What is Heat Mapping? And why is a Heat Mapping Analysis Essential?

Heat mapping is a visual representation of your website data that’s color-coded to indicate the user behavior on your site’s pages. Datasets are shown in the form of color gradients that range from deep crimson red representing high concentrations of traffic to cooler blues and white, indicating lower concentrations of traffic and areas where site visitors are less likely to click.

Heat mapping is an essential way to understanding your site’s data outside Google Analytics. Your community can use heat mapping to test the popularity of design elements, CTAs, on-page copy, form placement, and more. Regular analysis will keep your community’s website proactive to the preferences of your site’s traffic.

Tip #1: Use Heat Mapping to Determine Scroll Depth on Pages

Are your forms or important conversion elements buried at the bottom of the page where visitors aren’t scrolling? Heat mapping will help your community recognize these opportunities to place conversion elements and important information (like phone numbers, links, photo galleries, etc.) where your visitors are likely to interact and engage.

Scroll depth will show the percentage of visitors who are scrolling to the bottom of a page. It will also show the level of interaction that visitors are taking when scrolling to the bottom of those pages. Based on the data your community observes, can restructure its site to provide a friendlier user experience.

Tip #2: Use Heat Mapping to Test and Restructure Your Navigation Menu

To convert your online leads with the greatest efficiency, your website should pose as few barriers as possible to prevent leads bouncing from your page and not converting. Is your site’s navigation one of those barriers? With heat mapping your senior living marketing team will be able to assess which pages in your site navigation get clicked, and which pages are neglected.

Your community can use this as an opportunity to structure your site’s navigation menu to cater to the bulk of your site’s traffic. You want to make your most important pages easy to find to encourage clicks and engagement and using heat mapping to inform this effort will take the guessing work out for your team.

Tip #3: Make sure Your Heat Mapping Data Sample is Large Enough to Drive Meaningful Insights

Is your senior living community customizing its user-experience for the leads and visitors that will help surpass census goals? Heat mapping is a great tool to create consensus amongst teams or can be used to justify a major change to your online website experience (as evidenced in the tip above).

As a precaution, make sure the data your team samples in your heat mapping tool is large enough to represent your site’s user-behavior at an aggregate scale. You may have to exert patience until your sample size can confirm the suspicion you have or the change you want to see implemented. Try to hold off from making major decisions from your heat mapping dataset until your sample size has surpassed 1,000 (though that’s a rule of thumb).

Need more Heat Mapping Tips? Schedule a Meeting with Our Team for Help!

If your team isn’t regularly using heat mapping to positively inform its community’s user-experience, it’s allowing conversion opportunities to go unaddressed. To surpass the ambitious goals you have for your community in 2019, your senior living community will need to make the most of the traffic visiting your community online. Our team can help your team analyze its heat mapping data, and can ladder that data into additional actionable recommendations to improve conversions, tours, and move-ins. Contact us, and we’ll handle the heat mapping so your team can build the relationships crucial to success after filling out a form or converting.

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