How 360 Virtual Tours are Used by Senior Living Providers During Covid-19

In a time of social distancing, how do senior living communities replicate the excitement and experience of an in person campus tour?

It’s a challenge that all providers face. However, there are MarTech (marketing technology) solutions that can bridge the gap.

One of the newer tools to emerge in the MarTech stack are 360 virtual tours. While your community can’t completely replace the experience of an in-person tour, a 360 virtual tour is the next best thing.

But, what is a 360 virtual tour? And, where should senior living communities place these tours to maximize their visibility? We answer both questions in today’s continuation of the MarTech solutions series for senior living communities operating amidst COVID-19.

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  • A definition of a 360 virtual tour
  • Benefits of a 360 virtual tour, including key areas to place these tours to maximize their visibility

What Are 360 Virtual Tours?

A virtual tour is comprised of set of still images or video that allows people to view a particular location without having to be physically present. Taking this one step further, a 360 virtual tour is an interactive experience that gives the user a panoramic view of an entire area that they can control.

Benefits of A 360 Virtual Tour

Competitive Differentiator

More than half of U.S. adults who use the internet have taken a 360 virtual tour. With Covid-19 limiting a community’s ability to conduct tours, prominently featuring a 360 tour is more important than ever. According to A Place for Mom, 90% of their senior living client partners are only providing virtual tours.

Offering a 360 virtual tour gives prospective residents 24/7 access to your available living options and creates an easily accessible way to display your amenities. Consider your competition. If your community offers a 360 virtual tour on prominent pages of your website and your competition only displays generic pictures of its campus, which option do you think a prospective resident and ACI would prefer? Including a virtual tour could make the difference between earning a resident move in, or another lost lead.

Provides Convenience and Overcomes Mobility Issues

Many older Americans struggle with mobility. A virtual tour eliminates the need for a prospective resident or ACI to schedule an appointment. With a 360 virtual tour, prospective residents and ACIs have unlimited access to explore your community from the comfort of their home. The convenience of this offering keeps interested leads on your website for longer periods of time, and helps senior living marketing teams track engagement, which is shared with sales teams to make their task of earning a net-new move-in more attainable.

Where to Embed Your 360 Virtual Tour

Now that your community knows some of the benefits of applying a virtual tour to your website, the question becomes: where should my community apply a 360 virtual tour?

Include Virtual Tours on Each Location Page and Service Line Pages

If your senior living organization has multiple locations, having a virtual tour present for each location is imperative. These assets are captured by a Google trusted partner. For senior living communities operating from a single location, embed your virtual tour on dedicated ‘floor plan’ pages. A call-to-action (CTA) may be necessary on your home page to drive traffic to your floor plan page. Additionally, featuring a virtual tour on all service line pages will ensure that prospective residents see and interact with your virtual tour.

Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

Each GMB location listing should have its own 360 virtual tour. This captures crucial local SEO visibility in addition to ensuring that your virtual tour is visible to users that haven’t clicked through to your website. This asset could lead interested leads to click through to your website, which helps your community further track and qualify that specific lead.

Contact A Trusted Team of Experts to Implement Your 360 Virtual Tour

A 360 virtual tour keeps people on your website 5-10X longer.  This gives your community more time to earn the loyalty and trust of prospective residents and ACIs until they are comfortable enough to reach out to your community. If your senior living marketing and sales teams see the potential of a virtual tour but aren’t sure how to implement this asset on key pages and its GMB, contact our team. After all, our team has experience applying this offering to a litany of client partner websites. We’ll put your senior living community in the best possible position to earn additional leads and move ins, with its virtual tours helping guide users along their respective resident journeys.

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