5 Things To Consider for 2014

Well, did the end of 2013 sneak up on you? If you’re like most, it did.  Somehow, time just seems to move so quickly;  one minute we’re welcoming a New Year, and then it seems like we blink and we’re approaching the next New Year’s Eve.

In an effort to help you think about ways to think about your business for 2014, we’ve come up with the following suggestions. These are things that  Linkmedia 360  either has or will address and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Networking – Isn’t it true that we always need to expand our network and contacts? I’m the key person here at Linkmedia 360 who attends local networking events to learn about other firms in the area, meet new people and develop relationships. Usually, I try to post pictures from these events on our company Twitter and or Facebook pages.  I’ve met some awesome folks from these gatherings and will continue into the New Year to get out and meet people! A few tips for networking: be sure to be genuine in your efforts and think about the other person’s needs over your own. Listen to them, learn about them and create solid friendships.
  • Search – I’m sure you’d agree that people are mobile today and utilize multiple devices and methods to find businesses  they want to connect with.  Smartphones continue to be a common resource that consumers use to find businesses they need.  Will they find your business? Are you reviewing the products/services your company offers and making sure you appear in search results once  the customer has entered specific search terms relative to your business? It’s easy to put a campaign together and the fact that you can “test the waters” makes this avenue of marketing appealing to many.
  • Well, now that consumers have searched and found out about your business, the goal is to move traffic to your website so they can learn more.  How’s your website performing right now?  Any clue? Have you conducted a Search Engine Optimization audit lately?  With Google and other search engines routinely making changes to their algorithms, it’s a good idea to continually make sure your website is being found and crawled by the search engines.  You might be have the most amazing website,  but if it’s not being found, what good will it do for your business?
  • Ok, so we’ve determined that consumers will search for your products or services online, find your site and now look for other methods to “get to know” your business.  Social media is one of the ways they can do that. Having your company post to social media pages and blog can provide a more in-depth way for your customers and prospects to get to know you. You can share information about your business, employees, events, new products, and groups that you’re interested in.  You can communicate with them and position yourself as an expert in your field.  How would you say things are going for your business and for you personally on social media? I know that I definitely need to revisit my LinkedIn profile and make updates.  How about you? Just remember to keep your content current, make posts on a regular basis and share information that goes beyond your products & services but shows the personal side of your business.
  • Finally and most importantly is the customer. Without them we’re not in business. Be sure to reach out to your customers as much as possible.  If you’re in the same geography, get together in person when you can.  Email, text and phone calls are great, but nothing beats a good meal and some face-to-face conversation.  Be sure to return calls as soon as possible, send notes to say hello or pass along articles you find that they may be interested in.

These are just a few items I thought of.  Please share with us some of your ideas. Have a great end to your year and awesome 2014!!

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