6 Tips for Senior Living Recruitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you work in the senior living and senior care industry, you already know the staffing challenges that communities face every day. Due to COVID-19, industries like food service and hospitality have been forced to drastically reduce their workforces. This has resulted in the opportunity for senior living providers to fill empty roles within their organizations as these motivated job seekers enter the market.

Below are tips that will help your senior living community get the word out to these new potential candidates.

Jump Ahead

Google Job Search

If you’ve ever done a job-related search, you have likely seen something like the image below. That’s Google Job Search, and it gets your job openings in front of prospective candidates.

A screenshot of what a Google Job search result looks like.

Here’s how to get listed:

  • Wrap all job postings in JobPosting schema
  • Publish your listings on sites that are partnered with Google Job Search. Some of these sites include ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and CareerBuilder, that also publish job postings to Google Job Search.

As an added bonus, listing with these sites casts a wider recruiting net. ZipRecruiter, for example, has a network of more than 100 sites it distributes your job postings to.

Create a Careers Page

As more people are on the hunt for a new job, expect search demand to stay steady as furlough and downsized workers spend more time online.

If you have a careers page on your site, make sure to optimize this page content for “jobs” or “careers” searches. Doing so could help your job openings get onto the search results page. If you have a video that touts the benefits and perks of working at your community, embed it onto the page.

Not sure which words are good to optimize for? Type in different phrases in Google Trends to see general search demand for certain keywords.

Chart showing Google Trends data for nursing aid job searches.
Expect search interest for nursing aid jobs to skyrocket in the coming weeks.

Amplify On Owned Channels

If you have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, share your job openings on these channels. With more time being spent on social, this is a great way to get out in front prospective candidates.

You can also try publishing Google Posts to your Google My Business listing, although we have noted that not all of them are publishing at this time due to limited Google team support. Still worth a try, though!

Create a Display Campaign

Job-related searches for the search network are expensive. And while you definitely should consider a search network campaign (budget permitting), don’t forget about display campaigns, which are less expensive.

To maximize the value of display, use custom intent audiences to show display ads to people whose search history indicates they are looking for a job or have experience in hospitality industries.

You can also take advantage of responsive display ads. Provide Google with up to 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions and 5 logos, Google will combine the elements for you based on what it thinks will generate clicks to your job posting.

Launch a Facebook Ads Campaign

Note that employment ads have more limited targeting capabilities than standard ads due to equal employment laws. That being said, you can still set up recruiting ads using the Special Ads category.

While this limits your ability to target specific audiences, Facebook does gather engagement data and will serve your ads to people it thinks are most likely to engage. Over time, this can increase the performance of your Facebook recruitment campaigns.

Remember as well that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can easily advertise on both platforms to expand your message.

Image of a nurse and senior citizen
An example of a recruiting ad on Facebook.

Implement Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing gives advertisers more control with recruitment ad delivery within Facebook’s network. Here’s how:

  • If your careers pages get enough traffic (you need a list of at least 100 people), you can remarket ads to people who visited your site.
  • You can remarket to people on Facebook who previously clicked into your site on employment-related ads in Google’s search or display networks.

In short, install the Facebook pixel on your site, which tracks users who visited your employment-specific pages. Because people are visiting those pages, you can infer that they are job hunting. So when they log into Facebook or Instagram and see your ad, the chances are higher that the ad will drive better engagement.

Take Action to Keep Your Recruiting Funnel Active

We sincerely hope that these quick-hitting recommendations help supplement your current recruiting efforts in this challenging environment. And should you have any questions about how to implement any of these ideas, we’re more than happy to help. Linkmedia 360’s digital strategy & delivery team is passionate about senior living marketing solutions and we look forward to speaking with you to help.  Contact us to get in touch!

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