Want to Make an Immediate Impact with Renters? Use Hyperlocal Marketing

Location, location, location. 85% of a storage facility’s tenants come from “drive by traffic”.

Aside from maintaining an immaculate and appealing exterior location, how should storage operators entice prospective local renters? Hyperlocal marketing. This is especially true for organizations and REITs that may have hundreds of locations, each with unique occupancy challenges.

Whether a single location or multi-location storage organization, a hyperlocal approach is required. In this post, your team will learn:

  • A tip to improve your facility’s hyperlocal marketing in 2019
  • Where your organization can learn how data science is driving occupancy on a hyperlocal level

Hyperlocal Marketing Tip: Develop a Hyperlocal Keyword List for Each Location

Nobody knows a neighborhood better than the locals. To win over local traffic on search engine results pages (SERPs), self storage marketing teams will need to incorporate keywords and vernacular commonly used by citizens in a specific area. Certain keyword phrases like “storage units near me” will be applicable regardless of the location.

If a storage organization can authentically resonate with local traffic online, it will benefit from increased conversions, calls, visits and renters.

To ensure its hyperlocal marketing efforts engage with an intended audience, use longtail keyword phrases. These phrases should be implemented for unique location(s) your organization has identified. Longtail keywords are longer search queries that don’t receive the attention or bids like generic keywords sought after by national storage brands.

Due to this low-cost barrier of entry, self storage marketing teams should test and tweak site copy and content frequently to see which longtail keyword combinations resonate most with local audiences. This isn’t an exact science and will require experimentation, which is why your organization should create and maintain a master list of longtail keywords for each of your locations.

Attend Our Session at SSA Spring to Learn How Data Science Impacts Occupancy on a Hyperlocal Level

Beyond targeting unique longtail keywords for each location, operators and REITs looking for a hyperlocal competitive advantage are using data science. During this must-attend Educational Session at SSA Spring, Linkmedia 360’s Chief Operating Officer, Kurt Krejny, and StorageMart’s Vice President of Marketing, Sarah Little, provide an insightful look in the ways data science is currently transforming the storage industry.

Linkmedia 360 and StorageMart will demonstrate how to use marketing and operations data together to drive occupancy, revenue, and scalable growth. Attendees will see examples of an automated scorecard methodology and will experience how the report provides real time insights across all channels while driving an action plan connected to the most impactful digital marketing tactics.
You’ll learn about considerations needed for integration and alignment between teams to help your business leverage all available data to inform budgets and realize a positive return to investment.

Additional Hyperlocal Marketing Questions Before SSA Spring 2019? Contact Us

Gaining a hyperlocal advantage is no small feat, especially in competitive, highly saturated markets. If your organization needs help incorporating the right longtail keywords or wonders whether data science will help provide a competitive edge, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll put our expertise to work and will help your organization craft a viable solution to help it meet its occupancy goals, regardless of the locale.

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