A Lesson From My Dog

I was recently informed that my dog, Smokey, has heart disease. This is a real blow as she’s almost twelve and has been a great addition to the family. As she adjusts to having good days and bad, I noticed something last week that got me thinking.

At certain times it is challenging for her to climb the stairs. Even though she’s considered a “senior citizen” at this point, normally she was running right up the steps without hesitation. However last week, she looked at me as if to say, “You’ve got to be kidding me, there’s no way this is going to happen”. Then, as we stood beside her and walked the steps with her one by one, she realized the mission would be accomplished and she’d make it to the top after all.

I was thinking that this is very similar to what we do here at Linkmedia 360. We help our clients solve problems and suggest alternative methods of action to get the job done. Sometimes things have to be done differently than how they may have been done in the past. We encourage you, with your marketing efforts, to be flexible, adapt and try new things. Shake up your strategy with fresh ideas. If you’ve always placed your advertising only in the print Yellow Pages, add in Internet Yellow Pages or consider a Mobile test. Monitor your campaigns and continually evaluate results.

In the meantime, we’ve got Smokey on some new medications and will try to keep her comfortable. We’ll keep doing what we do with her, just doing it differently.

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