A Look back at “Search Engine Marketing-Tips of the Trade” Webinar

On Monday, September 20, 2010, Linkmedia 360 launched it’s first in a series of free informative webinars with a great presentation called “Search Engine Marketing-Tips of the Trade” lead by Mike Ostrom. Mike has 8 years experience in the implementation and development of customized Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. He is currently organizing the April, 2011 “Search Starts Here” YPA conference.  We thought that he was a perfect choice to lead off our webinar series!

Mike covered a lot of facts and offered samples about today’s ever changing Search Engine Marketing world.  Key take-aways from the presentation are:

  1. Conversion Based Optimization is very important. While click-thru rates and impressions are still relevant, converting to a phone call, email and eventually a sale is most important. An advertiser would need to focus their placement and key words where they can get the most conversions.
  2. Bidding on the correct keywords is crucial.  Make sure that the correct keyword is tied to the right ad group. Campaigns should have multiple ad groups based on specific searches. The wrong ad copy for your service will not get conversions, which will not lead to sales.
  3. The advertiser needs to advertise where the best ROI exists for them-this could be on the big search engines-Google, Yahoo, Bing, content networks or even social media sites or even a mixture of these sites.
  4. Remarketing can be a key component to continue following the potential customer after they have left your webpage.
  5. Tracking, tracking, tracking and more tracking!  Most search companies offer tracking capabilities via their platforms. An advertiser will not be able to see how well their campaign is working without tracking. The key is tracking keywords that deliver leads, especially phone calls.

Our next webinar will be on Deep Linking and Mobile Search on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 1pm eastern standard time. Mobile Search is really the next big thing, next to social media, in our ever changing marketing world.

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