Connecting Your Senior Living Website to Your CRM with Purpose

Does your senior living community have difficulties keeping up with a seemingly endless amount of leads, and crucial information about prospective move-ins? For communities with legacy systems, there’s a good chance there could be data inconsistencies. Want to track leads with greater acuity?

Perhaps a purposeful approach to lead management may help. A Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, can help your community several ways:

  1. Track online leads and referral sources
  2. Connect with families in a timely fashion
  3. Allow information to be streamlined by filtering against duplicate data
  4. Capture pertinent information that matters to move-ins and their family members

Leading the conversation regarding purposeful CRM integration is Patrick Hart from MatrixCare. He walks us through many of the advantages of integrating a CRM in a purposeful way to help your senior living marketing and sales strategy.

How Does Connecting a CRM to Your Website Drive Process and Efficiency?

A CRM will help your community “tell it’s different and better story” from its competition to entice potential move-ins, by using the data your CRM will provide your team. Your community will be able to also use its CRM to extract data your team has been feeding into it to provide even better care to residents by pulling up health information for loved ones. This will aid your community’s commitment to being purposeful with its sales process and compete against local or regional community models. An integrated and robust CRM will help your community attract the type of residents that will help your senior living marketing team meet its occupancy goals.

Whether it’s marketing, events, or operations within your organization, Patrick urges communities to pursue the success with purpose. A CRM will help your community approach these areas to not only stay competitive but dominate the market where its location resides.

What Else is Covered in our FIFF Spotlight on CRM Integration?

In addition to contributing to the ways an integrated CRM should function, Patrick also addresses:

How a CRM helps efficiency in your senior living community’s care module

How a CRM allows the ability to track the effectiveness of sales processes for communities

Helping forecast goals for specific locations within an organization

Managing a myriad of lead options can seem intimidating, but a dedicated CRM solution will help your team prospect with clarity while telling its unique story. Have questions for Patrick? You can reach him at MatrixCare.

We’d love to see your community make an impact with its CRM solution. If you have questions for our team, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help your community streamline its sales process with a dedicated CRM.

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