One tip to Improve Your Senior Living Community’s Email Marketing Strategy

The sales cycle in senior living ranges anywhere from six months to three years (or longer in some cases) depending on the level of care your community offers. Sales teams use all manner of strategies to shorten this cycle such as: lead scoring, CRMs, EMA, events and tours. Email, for example, can automate time-consuming tasks that create efficiencies for teams.

Though automation assists the lengthy move-in process, today’s post provides a helpful tactic to improve your community’s email marketing strategy and subsequent outreach efforts. Your community will learn:

  • The outreach window your team has when a prospect becomes a subscriber – and how your senior living marketing team can make an impression during that specified timeframe

EMA Tip: Front-load Your Best Content for new Email Subscribers

Your community’s website successfully piqued the interest of a prospective resident or ACI. They found your content valuable enough to even sign up for newsletters and additional emails by becoming a subscriber. At this stage, your community can either forge a deeper level of trust or lose these leads completely.

How long does your community’s sales team realistically have when a lead becomes a subscriber?

33 days. That’s the average timeframe email subscribers stay engaged before unsubscribing from your community’s content or becoming an idle email recipient passively receiving content, but otherwise unengaged.

To make those 33 days count, have your senior living marketing team identify the content that’s the most helpful, impactful, and conversion-friendly, then serve that content to new email subscribers. Your community can also incorporate lead scoring during this time to further qualify leads prior to outreach. Point being, the better your community can connect with newer email subscribers during that narrow window, the greater the chance of having that prospect attend a tour or become a resident.

Sales teams should channel the opportunity of an engaged subscriber within the 33-day window to ask pointed questions. What pieces of content did they find valuable? What questions do your prospects need answered most? Don’t fret if your community receives those answers but doesn’t earn a move-in ready resident as a result. For it still received insight that can be applied to improve lead scoring efforts and its email marketing strategy.

The 33-day window acts as a countdown clock where a sales message encouraging a consultation conversation or tour won’t come across as pushy. Subscribers are the equivalent of a stranger walking up to your office asking to learn more.

Need more tips to Improve Your Community’s Email Marketing Strategy and Sales?

Unfortunately, sales don’t come to those who sit around waiting for the calls to pour in. Every efficiency your community takes will bring it closer to reaching occupancy goals. Knowing when to reach out, and the window of acceptable outreach improves lead scoring efforts and future email marketing strategies. To surpass ambitious 2019 occupancy goals, your community will need to narrow the long gestating sales cycle. We can help. Contact our team, and we’ll provide a customized plan to help your community.

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