Still Struggling Finding Employees for Your Addiction Recovery Center? Use these Digital Marketing Recruiting Tips

Pew Research has cited a severe shortage of substance abuse specialists in the addiction field. In fact, the national average is for every 1,000 people struggling with addiction or mental health disorders, there are 32 behavioral health specialists able to treat the individual. This figure includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and social workers.

What should your substance abuse treatment center do? Your rehab facility now knows the key considerations when hiring addiction treatment jobs, but will need to execute on those considerations to recruit qualified employees at scale to combat this shortage in addiction rehab careers.

In this post, your team will learn digital marketing recommendations to recruit addiction treatment jobs in a repeatable fashion:

  • 3 Digital Marketing recommendations to help your facility hire addiction treatment jobs

Top 3 Digital Marketing Initiatives to Recruit Addiction Treatment Jobs

1.) A Consistent Content Marketing Strategy – A dedicated content marketing strategy not only builds trust with intakes and concerned loved ones during a recovery journey, but also reiterates your rehab’s commitment to quality treatment for prospective employees.

Qualified candidates for addiction treatment jobs aren’t searching for just a paycheck. Most have a genuine commitment to helping addicts recover and are motivated by the difference they can make within their community.

Aside from that, the usual employment expectations like competitive salary/benefits, advancement opportunities, and an environment that values effort come into play. Your substance abuse treatment center can open the door for applicant interest by creating and publishing quality content on a consistent basis.

ProTip: When creating content, make it hyperlocal with community guides, POV’s from your staff, changes in local or regional health policy, etc. Not only will hyperlocal content help your rehab differentiate itself, it will align its material to the values of the employees who will elevate your treatment programs.

2.) Posting on Job Boards – The results your substance abuse treatment center will receive by posting on the right job boards will be more immediate than your dedicated content marketing strategy. Your team will have to do the heavy lifting and vetting for candidates seeking addiction treatment jobs, but it will give your drug rehab center the opportunity to create awareness for open positions while concurrently conducting day-to-day operations. Try these job boards to update applicants about addiction treatment jobs at your center.

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • CareerBuilder

3.) Promoting Open Positions on Social Media Channels – Your substance abuse treatment centers social media presence is a direct extension of your brand to both the struggling addict and concerned friend or family member. Meaning, your social media channels can be a catch-all to promote the quality content being created, while simultaneously updating followers and fans about available positions at your substance abuse treatment center.

Social media offers an intimate vantage point into your treatment centers recovery ideology, and the culture your staff has collectively worked hard to cultivate. The engagement opportunities for prospective employees is powerful, though don’t expect your treatment center to be the only one out there to have the same idea. As much as 92% of companies use social media for recruitment. So, keep that in mind as your facility looks to entice the ideal employee with unique posts.

ProTip: Consider going live and applying a paid spend to increase the reach of employment posts beyond your usual network of followers. Chat bots are also an emerging opportunity for short staffed treatment centers that lack the time to vet candidates but have hiring needs.

Recruit Your Ideal Candidate for Addiction Rehab Careers in 2018

Finding the ideal employee for any industry can come with its set of challenges, but the rehab industry faces unique challenges when hiring addiction treatment jobs. Our team wishes your treatment center the best of luck when recruiting candidates that will further the mission of a facility, but if your team has any questions when implementing our recommendations, contact us. We’ll be happy to help your staff implement recruitment strategies that cater to your substance abuse treatment center’s unique hiring challenges.

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