And The Lights Go Out!

So picture it. You are at home, all snuggled in your warm bed on a very cold, snowy and icy evening. While sound asleep, your cats, who are borrowing your body heat,  jump off of you so fast, it literally wakes you up out of a deep sleep. You look to see what time it is & you notice you have no power. You think to yourself “Hmmm well that’s odd”. But then you see your next door neighbor has power. “Uh oh that’s not good”. You decided to go investigate. You walk by the upstairs window, which overlooks your backyard, and something catches your eye: An 8 foot tree branch is laying on your power lines

Immediately, you need to figure out what to do. Being a single woman is not easy. You need to make a decision quickly. First, you need to wipe the sleep from your eyes and try to find a number for the power company to report a downed wire. 2 hours later they come out to investigate and tell you that not only are your power lines ripped off, but your electric meter as well. They say to you, “Sorry ma’am. We don’t put them back on the house. You will have to hire an electrician. And you better call ASAP as I have a feeling everyone is going to be busy with this weather”.

An electrician?  Who in the heck am I going to call? I don’t know of any electricians. I grabbed my flashlight and grabbed my Cleveland ATT Yellow Pages. As the temperature plummeted in my house, I knew I wasn’t going to have time to be picky. I wasn’t going to have time to research who was good or who was not. I was completely flying blind.  I just needed someone to get out to my house , assess the situation, and fix my meter. My power would not be restored by the power company until the meter was placed back onto the house and then inspected by the city inspector.

I quickly looked under the heading of “Electric Contractors” and saw the ad for Mr. Electric.  Their ad stood out to me because they were local,  certified by the Better Business Bureau, and a great ad that said what I was looking for “High Tech Troubleshooting”.   They were out that afternoon to my house to assess the situation. The technician made me feel at ease and gave me an immediate quote. He was even willing to come out that night to fix the meter(thought to be about a 6 hour fix). I decided I would just rather have them come back in the morning.   First thing Tuesday morning,  they were at my house and fixed my meter in less than 3 hours.

So this leads to the question: What would YOU do if your power goes out and you need to call someone to take care of such an issue? I do not have a smart phone so I had no way of accessing the internet.   My only way of contacting anyone was through my local yellow pages directory.   Had I not had that directory, I would have had to wait until the library opened up to use their computers. That was not going to be a very convenient answer as time was of the essence.  I need to get a hold of someone ASAP because I knew many of these electricians were going to be very busy.

It goes to show you that even in the “high tech” world we live in, it’s not always fool proof. Sometimes you need to grab your yellow pages, look for who you need, and make a call…….in the dark….with a flashlight.


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