Grand Opening (in 12 Months?) An Approach for Senior Living Communities

What’s the marketing plan to promote the grand opening of your new senior living community?

Knock on doors and pass out fliers? Host an ice cream social prior to the grand opening?

Yes, that’s a good start. In today’s competitive environment, you can’t build a new location and expect move-in ready residents to form a line at the door. To help, we’re providing one element of a marketing plan your senior living marketing team can embrace. In this post you’ll learn:

  • An approach to drive interest in and occupancy for your senior living community’s new location

Increase Brand Awareness by Combining Paid Ads with A Location-Specific Landing Page

Location-Specific Landing Page Importance (a year or more before a grand opening):

As we recommended in our previous post, your community will need to create a dedicated landing page for its new location. Yes, this applies to your community even if its grand opening is still a year (or more) from now. Once this page has been designed and launched, your senior living marketing team can focus its effort on driving meaningful traffic to this location page.

Luckily, investments in traditional advertising channels can directly support your grand opening marketing plan. For example, your direct mail pieces and print ads should feature the URL for your landing page. That way, your team can successfully track and attribute the channel driving traffic and engagement.

On the surface, this landing page might feel like a buzzy placeholder for things to come at your community. In reality, your dedicated landing page can help your senior living community test market receptivity, tweak messaging elements, estimate search demand, and gauge what ‘works’ long before your community’s grand opening.

The effectiveness of this landing page is compounded when your community uses its traditional and digital marketing efforts working together to drive traffic and inquiries leading up to your grand opening.

Landing Page + Paid Ad Importance (six months prior to a grand opening):

When your grand opening is within six months, begin using paid ads to drive traffic to your landing page to capture names. Specifically, look to use the data from your direct mail pieces and apply it to your paid efforts.


Target specific zip codes in your PPC campaign that reach the ideal demographic for your community (likely demos that are over 80-years-old, but potentially younger demos as well). That way, your senior living marketing team will ensure this audience receives multiple touchpoints prior to your grand opening.

Using data from your direct mail campaign will help your community connect the dots between traditional and digital channels while consistently connecting with your desired audience over time. This effort will ultimately attract qualified prospective residents and ACIs who will help your community build a robust waiting list of move-ins.

It pays to Connect Traditional and Digital – Contact Our Team for Help

If your community can increase brand awareness and build a list of move-in ready residents prior to its grand opening, it will be one step closer to recouping the substantial investment to break ground in a new area.

In this instance, savvy strategies that connect the dots between your various traditional and digital marketing investments are a must. Of course, if your community needs help increasing brand awareness prior to its grand opening, our team is available. Contact us and we’ll lend our expertise to your community’s specific situation.

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