Are Uber and Lyft a Threat to Senior Living Communities?

Are ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft a big threat to the senior living industry? As more seniors adopt smartphones and opt-in to mobile apps, will the resident journey take an unexpected turn if seniors opt-out of a variety of onsite care services? While this might be hyperbole, our expert guest today provides an amazing perspective on the tailwinds and headwinds facing senior living communities.

Please join us today as Brad Breeding from shares his perspective on the state of the senior living industry heading into 2018. Brad provides amazing insight into a wide range of topics potentially impacting the way we market senior living communities in the new year.

We know you’re well-prepared for the shifting marketing dynamics of 2018, so you may want to share this video with members of your team. Brad provides a really interesting perspective on the following topics:

  • Transparency is the key to building relationships with future residents and their families. If there is any slight confusion or lack of clarity, that only delays the decision-making process.
  • In today’s digital environment, seniors and their families are looking for a resource counselor to help them filter through the volume of information and not a sales counselor only focused on tours and brochures.
  • How to adopt a niche strategy and understand what separates your community from the competition. Embrace what’s special and unique about your community and don’t be afraid to admit who thrives here and who does not. We all know we can’t be all things to all people and being clear about fit leads to the best long-term relationship.

The good news is that due to simple demographic trends, the senior living industry will continue to see growth. With all this in mind, how you set strategy and execute proven marketing campaigns will help you outpace the competition.

For more information on Brad Breeding, please visit him at If you have any questions or comments for the Linkmedia 360 Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces team, please contact us.

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