Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups


With LinkedIn claiming 225+ million members, it is quite possible that you are one of them. You already know that LinkedIn is a great tool to grow your network and connect with other professionals and associates online. With that being said, we felt it might be helpful to focus on one aspect of LinkedIn: Groups.  The Groups feature grants you the opportunity to post updates, start discussions or answers questions posed by other members of that specific group.  There are approximately 1,890,000+ Groups to select from and LinkedIn allows members to join a maximum of 50.   If you want to take a “deeper dive” into expanding your connections, this is a great way to accomplish that.  You can develop your relationships by joining with individuals who share common interests.

You will find the Groups under the “Interests” tab on your LinkedIn homepage. Once you click on it, your screen will indicate “Your Groups”, those you’ve already become a member of, Recommended Groups or Create a Group. When you click on a specific Group, you’ll be able to view members of your network that are already members of certain groups. This allows you to reach out to them and ask questions about their experience within the particular group prior to your joining.   The Groups you may be interested in area are compiled based on profile data from your network. To locate Groups that you might like, you can use the Search Groups search bar and plug in keywords relative to your interests.  At this point, you’ll be served a list to select from. Some groups provide immediate membership, whereas others are set up to approve you which could mean you might way a day or two for the reply.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this useful way to connect and engage with your network, join in with those that share your interests and join the conversation!


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