Robots Have Arrived: What is A.I. and Machine Learning? And, Does it Matter for Senior Living Communities?

”Danger, Will Robinson!” was the famous catchphrase often exclaimed by the protective and loyal robot from ‘Lost in Space’. While you may fondly remember this TV series growing up, what was futuristic science fiction in the 1960’s is quickly becoming a reality in 2019. Specifically, with the advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its application in senior living.

This is evidenced by senior living providers investing in humanistic robots like Pepper, pictured in the thumbnail above. Check out the video below to see Pepper converse, make jokes and bust a move.

A.I. presents opportunities that can be utilized to improve the quality of life with residents. To help your community better understand a potential investment in this technology, we’re providing additional context. In this post you’ll learn:

  • A definition of artificial intelligence for senior living providers
  • A definition of machine learning for senior living providers
  • How your senior living marketing team and leadership can gain additional context about A.I. and machine learning

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

Artificial intelligence is technology that utilizes datasets within a neural network to intuitively improve and grow in sophistication over time. A.I. constantly iterates and is utilized across industries to create efficiencies and provide countless solutions. In the case of robotics, A.I. can be programmed to mimic human behavior and learn in real time.

As evidenced in the video above, when A.I. is leveraged in robotics, it will engage in friendly conversations. But the benefits extend beyond the initial allure of having a robot provide a punchline or perform a funny dance.

Robots endowed with A.I. can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Reminding residents to take prescribed medication
  • Visiting isolated or lonely residents to lift their spirits
  • Greeting visitors entering a community
  • Playing music and helping promote healthier lifestyles

Due to the process in which A.I. learns, the versatility and use cases will continue to grow with increased adoption. But what is machine learning exactly?

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence which enables the technology to adapt to various stimuli. At its core, machine learning uses statistics, algorithms and data points to “self-improve” without direct intervention from humans.

Machine learning utilizes historical data points to predict a potential outcome, allowing A.I. the ability to “learn” from previous experiences. In the future of A.I. in senior living, machine learning may help robots develop unique personalities to provide a customized experience for each resident. The potential use cases and implications of A.I. are certainly intriguing, with some community’s leading the charge of investing in robots like Pepper based on the utility it already provides.

Contact Our Team and We’ll Help Your Community Maximize it’s A.I. Investment

It’s unlikely we’ll have to worry about a robot uprising any time soon. That said, the technology propelling these innovations forward are continuously developing and gaining prominence. If your senior living community is considering an investment in a friendly robot like Pepper or an alternative A.I. solution, our team will help your organization incorporate unique ways to spotlight and utilize this technology.

There’s no need to cease all motor functions. Contact us with any questions your community has.

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