What’s the Difference Between A.I. and Machine Learning and How Does it Apply to Rehab?

Imagine if your rehab could use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to save the life of a struggling addict? With data-driven approaches being implemented in the healthcare industry, the prospect isn’t so far-fetched in 2019.

The convergence of data science, A.I. and machine learning initiatives are creating exciting opportunities, which couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, which indicates the need for systemic change.

To help your addiction treatment center be a driver of innovative change, we’re providing additional context around A.I. and machine learning.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

If you have an Amazon Alexa in your home or have ever asked Siri a question, you’ve experienced A.I. in action. Artificial intelligence is technology that uses datasets and algorithmic expressions to adapt to various stimuli, mimicking human intelligence.

Technology utilizing A.I. has the ability to use data to form logical reasoning and make decisions. In the addiction treatment space, A.I. is being pioneered to help identify a struggling addicts triggers and stressors that would indicate behavior of a relapse before the relapse happens. A.I. will continue to evolve, with adoption rates expected to continually climb each year.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning works hand-in-hand with A.I. Technically speaking, machine learning is a subset of A.I. that uses data stored within an algorithm to predict trends and learn in real time by assessing unanalyzed data to make informed decisions.

This informed decision-making from external environments does require upfront and ongoing programming. Before the decision is made to invest in an A.I. solution with machine learning capabilities, your rehab should forecast for the staff needed to keep that investment continually learning and adapting to various scenarios.

Questions About A.I. or Machine Learning? Reach out to Our Team

A human element will always be required to help struggling addicts. The efficiencies, innovations and insights that automation, data science, and A.I. provides certainly deem careful consideration. If your addiction treatment center is looking to adopt a data-driven mindset to provide insights and solutions, reach out to our team.

We’re pioneering data science solutions for our client partners and will be happy to walk your rehab through the ways we’re driving solutions for client partners. Let’s make an impact with intakes and make an impact in the lives of those suffering through an addiction.

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