Benefits of Calendar Sharing and Scheduling Applications for Senior Living Marketing Teams

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the rise of remote work has led to a 13% increase in the number of virtual video meetings taking the place of in-person communication. Whether it’s a video conference between senior living marketing and sales teams or conducting an online tour of a community, coordinating and maintaining a productive schedule is more important than ever.

To drive efficiencies and productivity, senior living providers have invested in marketing technology (MarTech). Specifically, the implementation of calendar sharing and scheduling applications are helping teams stay organized. What are calendar sharing and scheduling applications and how do they apply to senior living providers? Continue reading to learn insights into both questions as we explore the benefits of calendar sharing.

What Are Calendar Sharing and Scheduling Applications?

Calendar sharing allows for ease-of-use in checking availability and scheduling meetings internally and externally with prospects. With calendar sharing in place, your team can share its availability in email follow-ups and on web pages to schedule remote meetings with prospects.

In terms of time savings alone, calendar sharing is a worthwhile investment. Senior living marketing and sales teams can expect additional benefits from implementing this MarTech solution into its organizational workflow.

Improved Communication

When trying to plan recurring check-ins, coordinate availability and understand what is on your colleagues’ plate, calendar sharing is a game changer. This shared resource is a transparent way to keep track of meetings, assignments, projects or events. Any time a change does occur in someone’s schedule, the shared organizational calendar is updated automatically, reducing the need to send one-off emails.

This makes it easier for senior living marketing and sales teams to connect and discuss leads, prospects, tours or other pertinent information. Additionally, calendar sharing makes it easier for sales managers to assign meetings or tasks to other team members. This improved communication results in having more time to attend to the leads with the greatest likelihood of becoming a resident move in.

Syncing Meetings/Appointments with a Senior Living CRM

There’s perhaps no greater feeling of dread for a sales consultant than having a scheduled meeting slip through the cracks. Managing internal meetings and sales activities was a challenge before Covid-19, and with additional recurring meetings being thrown into the mix, teams will need a streamlined way to keep track of everything.

By syncing your calendar to your CRM, every invitation for a meeting will be tracked and centralized. This is true whether the meeting is booked via email, landing pages/web pages or by a phone call. Ultimately, syncing a CRM with a calendar helps senior living providers manage busy schedules while also prioritizing meetings and/or tours that contribute toward census goals. This eliminates repetitive data entry and keeps providers focused on the meetings that matter most.

Meet With our Team to Learn More About MarTech Solutions

Calendar sharing and scheduling applications aren’t just sound investments, they are essential for senior living providers during Covid-19. This series on MarTech solutions has covered the gamut of the importance of notification bars to how vital calendar sharing and scheduling applications are for providers. To catch up on everything you may have missed, click the link above.

If your senior living marketing or sales teams have any questions about calendar sharing or want to learn additional benefits of this integration, contact our team. We’ll be happy to discuss that or any additional MarTech solutions your community may have questions about.

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