Are You Still There? 4 Benefits of Call Tracking for Drug Rehab Centers

Rehab marketers: are you struggling to identify which channels are driving calls and interactions with your treatment center? Attribution used to be difficult, but then call tracking entered the picture. It was as if Lionel Richie walked through your door crooning, ‘Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?’ In the case of pinpointing your rehab marketing ROI, then yes, call tracking is what you’re looking for.

But what is call tracking? How could your rehab marketing team effectively leverage it? That’s what we aim to answer within this post today. Read on and your drug treatment centers team will learn:

  • A definition of call tracking for your rehab marketing team and how it works
  • 4 powerful benefits of call tracking that your addiction treatment facility can expect to receive

Whose Phone Line Is it Anyway? A Brief Definition of Call Tracking

Call tracking gives treatment centers the ability to determine how addicts or a concerned family member found your treatment center. Essentially, you can use call tracking data to gauge the success of rehab marketing efforts by isolating the channels responsible for driving calls to your treatment center. You can also identify the channels that are underperforming.

Your rehab marketing team, and especially your admissions staff, are likely familiar with manual call tracking. A good example of this would be when a prospective intake calls into your rehab, and early into the conversation an admissions team member asks, “So, how did you hear about us?”

By using manual call tracking as the gospel of lead attribution, your rehab marketing team opens the door to misattribution and ultimately provides an incomplete picture into the tactics that drove an intake to call your center. Simply, in today’s hyper-competitive environment, call tracking allows your rehab marketing team to be more strategic and informed when allocating marketing budgets.

So, how does call tracking work?

When your rehab marketing team is setting up call tracking, a unique phone number will be used for each specific channel in your marketing mix. That way, your team can correctly trace the specific phone number to the channel that drove that action. Call tracking of course gets more granular than this, but if your team still needs to see the light, continue reading for the benefits of call tracking.

No Dial Tone Here: 4 Benefits of Call Tracking for Your Rehab Marketing Efforts

1.) Isolate Peak Call Times – With call tracking in place, your rehab marketing team can use the data to measure trends in call volume. Are more intakes calling in the morning, afternoon, or are they night owls? Your rehab marketing team will have conclusive answers. Your addiction treatment center can use its call tracking data to staff its best admission staff team members during times of peak call volume.

2.) Rehab Marketers Can Use Call Tracking to Create Custom Metrics – Based on the goals of your rehab marketing program, you could create customized metrics based on your call tracking data. These metrics could include “cost per call” metrics which are great for measuring effectiveness of the following channels:

  • Quora
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Programmatic displays

The investment your addiction treatment center will make with call tracking is relatively low when your rehab marketing team considers the ability to get granular with data and using those insights to propel future initiatives and strategies that are customized to your specific treatment center’s needs. Talk about a benefit of call tracking.

3.) Have a More Complete Understanding of UX (user experience) of the Intake in Need – Being able to understand user behavior and have a more accurate “addicts journey” adds a piece to the puzzle your team was only guessing at before – using actual data instead of assumptions. Call tracking will fill the gaps of your Google Analytics data. Most marketers apply a last click attribution for lead generation purposes, but call tracking helps tell the story before the final click that led to the phone call, which is crucial to your addiction treatment center’s success, as it tries to provide a seamless experience for addict’s in need seeking help from your center.

4.) Provides Call Duration Insights – Remember the “five-minute window”? Call tracking reports give your rehab marketing team this insight that can ultimately improve the admissions experience for employees and prospective intakes calling in. We provided the five-minute window as a starting metric and good example of where the call duration could be for your addiction treatment center. But take your levels of treatment into account, your admissions staff, and the data from call tracking into account before making any substantial changes to your inbound efforts. Intuitively, we understand that not all calls are created equal and your treatment center can’t predict the calls that will lead to an intake before giving them the proper time on the line. But too much time on the phone lines hinders productivity, and the faster your team can recognize and properly route these calls, the quicker it can return to helping those who need your levels of treatment.

Can You Speak Up? Capitalize on the Benefits of Call Tracking!

With the Google Ads shakeup from last September, rehab marketers simply can’t rely on one channel alone to drive leads and intakes. But call tracking certainly makes this process easier. Twilio expands on the ease and benefits of call tracking within their post regarding the benefits of call tracking.

Of course, if this post didn’t “track” with your rehab marketing team and you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of digital marketing experts. We’ll help your rehab marketing team track calls with confidence. Give your own team the attribution and credit though.

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