3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Senior Living Marketers

Are the calls your community receives getting answered and converted to move-ins? Or, do prospective residents hear a repetitive loop of music with undefined hold times?

It may be surprising to learn that 19% of incoming phone calls to senior living communities go unanswered every day. This data comes from Enquire Solutions 2017 Senior Housing Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report.

Just one of those daily missed calls could result in a move-in for your community. Call tracking can help your community reduce the percentage of calls that slip through the cracks. This gives your community additional opportunities to impact and surpass its occupancy goals. Continue reading to learn:

  • Three benefits of call tracking to help your senior living marketing team determine channel attribution

Benefit #1: Use Call Recordings for Training Purposes

Every incoming call to your community is a conversion opportunity. Call tracking provides a way to step back from day-to-day operations and analyze how your staff handles these interactions.

During training sessions, your team could highlight staff members who converted an incoming call into a tour or move-in. With the permission of the staff member, your team could play the call recording to further refine your internal processes. Conversely, if a staff member unintentionally mishandled a call, your team can use that recording as a teachable moment for your staff.

Consistent team trainings on incoming calls gives your staff real world, applicable training. With this training, your staff could recognize leads that are interested versus those gathering information. Additionally, your staff could identify leads that are interested, but will require follow-up from your sales team.

Benefit #2: Provides Channel Attribution for Your Senior Living Marketing Team

One of the strategic and cost-effective benefits of call tracking is how it can inform marketing budget allocation. Call tracking gives your senior living marketing team the data to confidently tie efforts back to the channel driving incoming calls. For example, your marketing team can set a specific call tracking number on direct mail pieces, dedicated landing pages and paid ads.

With this insight, your community can prioritize budget allocations to the channel generating quality calls to your community. Call tracking could prove vital to your community if marketing budgets are flat or even decreased from 2018.

Benefit #3: Insight Into Peak Call Times to Staff for Demand

Data from DialogTech states that up to 70% of senior living leads will call a community at some point during the resident move-in journey. To maximize this inbound opportunity, your community will need to be adequately staffed to accommodate demand. Call tracking data takes the guess work out for your community.

Instead of letting calls go unanswered or routed to voicemail, your community could use call tracking data to anticipate peak call times throughout the day. With proper planning, your staff can make the necessary adjustments to be prepared for increased call volumes. The better your community can plan for these peak times of the day and week, the likelier your community will be at resonating with the caller on the other end of the phone.

Want to Convert Callers to Your Community? Contact Our Team

With the lengthy resident move-in cycle, every touchpoint with prospective resident’s matter. The benefits of call tracking extend beyond what was addressed in this post. Contact our team, and we’ll help your senior living marketing team integrate call tracking into your resident acquisition strategy.

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