3 Benefits to Google Ad Extensions in PPC for Self Storage

When self storage marketing teams need to make an immediate impact in occupancy levels, typically they’ll turn to paid ads on Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

And for good reason. The visualization below, courtesy of Edwords illustrates the growing SERP real estate year-over-year since 2010.

The prominence that paid ads have gained on Google’s SERP created a more competitive environment. With both local and corporate competitors vying for the same SERP real estate, self storage facilities will need to leverage every advantage possible to stay competitive.

Luckily, ad extensions can provide a much-needed lift in paid ad quality and performance – which correlates to an increase in clicks, calls, and ultimately; units sold and customers gained.

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What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad extensions are the extra snippets of information about a business that would be relevant to the customer. Some common Google ad extensions for the self storage industry include:

  • Review extensions (highlighting the average star rating of a business)
  • Location extensions (especially critical for hyperlocal storage customers)
  • Call extensions (with a visible phone number)
  • Callout extensions (where your ad can feature copy describing your terms and amenities)
  • Promotion extensions

…and many more. Note: These extensions are manually implemented to provide additional details about your business not available otherwise.

Benefit #1 to Google Ad Extensions: Higher Ad Rankings

By putting in the extra effort to implement the various extensions listed above, your self storage facility will likely see a lift in its paid ad listings compared to its competition. Think about it this way: not only will your customers find the additional information within your paid ad more helpful, Google’s algorithm will reward your facility with better paid rankings.

Benefit #2 to Google Ad Extensions: More Visible and Accessible Ads

Within paid ads, your storage facility wants to give its customers every available opportunity to interact with your organization instead of your competitors. Google Ad extensions allow for facilities to have a more robust ad that opens the door to more quality inquiries. Increased accessibility leads to increased clicks and interactions with your storage brand.

Benefit #3 to Google Ad Extensions: Lower Cost Per Click

Since your self storage marketing team will be manually implementing Google Ad extensions, it will have the opportunity to customize its ad copy and keyword focus. That means it can incorporate longtail keyword phrases naturally into its ad copy, thereby reducing its cost per click. In any case, producing a lower cost per click on targeted keywords will give self storage marketing teams more active control over its overall bidding strategy.

Find Linkmedia 360 at ISS World Expo to Learn More About Google Ad Extensions

The self storage organizations making the biggest impact on locations that need it are utilizing and leveraging data.


By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (A.I.) to provide solutions for self storage marketing, operations, and occupancy. Our team will be at Inside Self Storage World Expo next week at Booth 1313 walking attendees through the M.O.V.E. mentality and how it can be applied to help you move above competitors and increase occupancy. Familiarize your team attending below:

Chief Operating OfficerKurt Krejny – Kurt leads the client-services and solutions teams to drive a favorable return on investment in occupancy-driven industries that rely on innovative marketing strategy and execution. Kurt works directly with some of the largest independent and multi-location self-storage operators to direct prime visibility in search engines and increase year-over-year reservations through insightful and actionable reporting that focuses on increasing occupancy.

Having received his bachelor’s degree in technology from Bowling Green State University, and specializing in visual communications, Kurt began his career as a web user experience designer. This background has given him a unique talent for solving complex client marketing challenges with design thinking and simplified solutions that drive bottom line impact.

VP of Client ServicesTodd Hall – Todd has a 12-year client account leader track record of driving results, solutions, and relationships in a highly competitive digital marketing arena. Todd loves keeping ahead of the ever-changing online marketing trends and approaches – and making sure that his accounts are utilizing all opportunities to increase conversions and KPI’s.

Self Storage Digital Marketing SpecialistChloe Moore – Chloe utilizes her expertise in hyperlocal SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and User Experience (UX) to help facility’s convert opportunities into renters. This unique blended talent combined with seasoned experience makes her a trusted advisor for REITs and single site facility owners alike. Chloe has a pulse on trends and innovations in the storage industry and helps facility’s strategically implement them to produce a favorable ROI.

Be sure to have questions about Google Ad extensions, A.I., data science, or anything else pertinent to your organization ready to ask the team at Inside Self Storage World Expo. We’ll be happy to take the time to answer them. Contact us with any additional questions or to schedule a formal appointment at Inside Self Storage World Expo 2019.

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