3 Benefits of Google Ad Extensions for Senior Living Marketing

When senior living providers need to drive inquiries immediately due to changing occupancy, they typically turn to Google’s paid ads. If your team hasn’t used Google Ad extensions there’s an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your paid efforts. Today, we’re providing insight on Google Ad extensions for senior living marketing teams. Your community will learn:

  • What are Google Ad Extensions?
  • Three benefits from using Google Ad extensions

So, What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad extensions are extra snippets of information about a business within a paid ad on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). With limited availability for paid ad results on Google’s SERP, there’s intense competition for capturing the top position on the page. This will result in maximizing click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Conversions closely correlate to phone calls and/or form fill inquiries that lead to tours, and eventually; residents. Google Ad extensions don’t cost anything to implement but do require manual effort. If this effort isn’t implemented well, there’s a strong probability that your senior living marketing team’s efforts to implement Google Ad extensions will fall short. Taking the time to perform this manual effort does yield numerous benefits for senior living providers.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage: 3 Benefits of Google Ad Extensions

After your senior living marketing team manually implements review extensions, location extensions, call extensions, promotion extensions and many more, your community will gain the following benefits:

Benefit #1 of Google Ad extensions – Higher Ad Rankings – Prospective residents and adult child influencers scrolling through Google’s SERP are often seeking complete information at-a-glance. Not only do Google Ad extensions serve that need, Google’s algorithm will often reward this complete information with a higher ranking. A high ranking PPC ad could make the difference between a tour that leads to a resident or a missed opportunity.

Benefit #2 of Google Ad extensionsMore Visible and Accessible Ads – Each Google Ad extension your senior living marketing team implements adds valuable information that increases the size of your ad. When you consider your prospective resident searching for senior living providers on mobile, this is priceless real estate that keeps traffic engaged with your ad. More accessibility equates to more time prospective residents interact with your ad instead of your competitors. As Google has aptly stated, “extensions create more reasons to click your ad.”

Benefit #3 of Google Ad Extensions – Lower Cost Per Click – Senior living marketing teams are looking to get the most value from their paid ad spending. Ad extensions offer the ability to strategically implement keywords that serve value to prospective residents and ACIs without fetching a hefty price tag. That ultimately gives your team a more proactive way to keep its Cost Per Click in check.

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Staying dominant in the hypercompetitive PPC advertising space requires an approach that leverages every advantage available. If your senior living marketing team isn’t building an SEO informed PPC strategy, chances are your local and national competitors are.

Contact our team and we’ll walk your community through the ways we’re leveraging A.I., machine learning capabilities and more to drive:

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