The Benefits of Microsoft Advertising Campaigns for Senior Living Marketing

The implementation of the new housing, employment and credit (HEC) policy for Google Ads is less than a month away and senior living marketers are scrambling to make changes to ensure compliance. With demographic audience targeting criteria like gender, age and zip code no longer an option, some senior living marketing teams are searching for viable alternatives outside of Google’s paid search ecosystem.

One channel that provides a unique opportunity for senior living marketing is Microsoft Advertising on Bing’s platform. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits of Microsoft Advertising as an alternative to Google Ads.

Strategic Advantages of Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising will no longer be a distant secondary consideration compared to Google Ads. With the HEC policy taking effect October 19th, barriers that previously held this channel back are now being reconsidered. Below are some of the compelling benefits Microsoft Advertising offers senior living marketing teams:

Microsoft Advertising hasn’t announced any policy changes at this present time. This means two things for senior living marketing teams:

  1. Advertisers don’t have to make any preparations when running a campaign on the platform
  2. The same strategy that senior living marketing teams used to implement on Google Ads can be replicated on Microsoft Advertising. If a community knows a certain strategy works, it can simply be repeated in Bing’s platform

Microsoft is a more cost-effective platform. Bing’s search engine market share is 6.67% in the U.S. compared to Google’s market share of 88.1%. Due to its search volume not being as robust, Microsoft Advertising has less competition for rankings. Fewer advertisers bidding for the top position in search results equates to a lower cost-per-click. This makes Microsoft Advertising campaigns more cost effective for senior living marketing teams.

Ad performance is relatively similar to Google. The audience size is smaller in scale, but is still active and receptive to the right mix of compelling ad copy, strong visuals and an enticing CTA (call-to-action).

Setting up a campaign is seamless in Microsoft Advertising. To get started with a campaign in Microsoft Advertising, simply import your ad targeting criteria over from Google. This cuts setup time down dramatically and enables them to hit the ground running with paid campaigns on Bing.

Keep in mind, some targeting criteria/features are simply not available in Microsoft Advertising. To learn what features aren’t available in Bing’s platform, contact your Google Ads account manager or agency of record for clarity on a specific feature.

Our Team of Experts Helps Communities Maximize Microsoft Advertising

Transitioning from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising is a relatively quick and easy process. Even so, questions will surely arise in terms of budgets, targeting and features from Google Ads that don’t carry over to Bing. Microsoft Advertising is a viable channel to allocate budget as teams prepare for Google’s housing, employment and credit policy on October 19th.

Our team will be happy to help your community ensure compliance with its paid campaigns on Google and answer any questions about its Microsoft Advertising campaign. Contact our team and we’ll provide your community with the necessary resources and expertise.


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