How to Manage Demand: 2 Benefits of PPC Advertising for Senior Living in 2019

Does your community have a waiting list in place? If not, how will it combat shifts in occupancy levels?

Aside from waiting for the phone to ring or waiting for residents to form a line at the door, your community can get proactive and drive immediate inquiries to adjust to changes in occupancy with pay per click (PPC) advertising on google.

Over the last two years on Google, search engine results page (SERP) click-through-rates (CTR) lost 25 percent of click share on desktop and 55 percent of click share on mobile, as noted on Moz. Paid ads have pushed organic results down on SERPs and have steadily gained more real estate since 2010.

This visualization from Edwords (above) illustrates how paid ads have grown in prominence on the SERP year over year (YoY). It’s important for senior living marketing teams to have a paid media strategy. Continue reading to learn:

  • Two benefits of PPC advertising that your community can anticipate after investing in paid channels

Benefit #1 of PPC: Drive Immediate Inquiries to Service Lines Based on Changing Occupancy Needs

Did your community unexpectedly experience vacancies in memory care or independent living? Senior living marketing teams used to rely on taking ads out in the local newspaper. Now, when your community experiences a dip in occupancy it can proactively deploy its PPC budget.

For example, the service line keywords below can be addressed in real-time:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Memory Care
  • Senior Rehabilitation

…and many more. PPC advertising has no bounds and can attract prospective residents from a large radius, incorporating inquiries from both a national and local level. This includes both branded and non-branded keywords and search terms. With a prominent (and paid) listing, your community is likely to receive an influx of calls or inquiries related to the keywords, pictures and copy displayed within your paid ad.

Benefit #2 of PPC: Identify Competition and Own Your Brand Name on SERPs

Your community may be familiar with local competition. What about competition online? PPC provides insight into national and local competitors. One of the ancillary benefits of PPC advertising your team may not have considered is the amount of control paid ads give providers over their brand name online. Your community can bid on branded key terms to eliminate the risk of competitors (both local and national) bidding on your branded community name.

Conversely, if your senior living marketing team feels inclined; there’s also the opportunity to bid on your competitor’s brand name through conquesting ads.

It’s likely that your competition runs deeper than what your senior living organization is aware of at the present time. Through PPC advertising, your community will gain insight into this keyword data and gain an understanding of the complex competitive ecosystem online.

Contact Our Team to Build an SEO Informed PPC Strategy for Your Community

The benefits of PPC advertising are evident for the senior living marketing teams that have successfully ran a campaign. If that doesn’t describe your senior living community, or if it has additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

We’ve developed an SEO-informed PPC strategy for senior living provider clients incorporating the four ‘R’s’:

  • Reach
  • Real Estate
  • Real Time Results
  • ROI

We want to see your community surpass its occupancy goals; and sometimes it takes a paid campaign to provide the necessary boost to make that goal attainable. Let’s make a paid impact on your occupancy in 2019.

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