2 Benefits of Programmatic Display for Senior Living Communities

Though the technology powering programmatic display has underpinned the advertising industry for nearly a decade, it’s become a prominent point of discussion in senior living lately. Chances are, whether you’ve attended conferences or leadership summits, you’ve heard some mention of responsive advertising campaigns that utilize programmatic.

While your senior living marketing team doesn’t want to feel left behind, it must also ensure each investment drives value and results that tie back to census goals. And potential confusion and/or perceived difficulty will stall an investment decision.

To help your team integrate programmatic display, we’re dispelling potential confusion and providing benefits that programmatic campaigns have produced in senior living. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of programmatic advertising
  • Two expected benefits of programmatic advertising senior living marketing teams can expect to see
  • How to learn additional programmatic display benefits and programmatic advertising platforms applicable to senior living providers

What is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic display leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the ad bidding and media buying process. This automation is made possible through the millions of data sources that programmatic display collects and uses.

With the use of this data, senior living marketing teams can serve targeted, personalized ads to prospective residents and ACIs alike. Unsurprisingly, programmatic display yields numerous benefits for providers that are looking to shorten the lengthy move-in cycle.

Benefit #1: Reach Prospective Residents with a Solution when Research Begins

Imagine the impact and momentum your sales team could have if it reaches a prospective resident before your competition begins bombarding them with marketing messages? With programmatic advertising, the relationship building process doesn’t have to begin once a lead takes an action on your website.

Consider your prospective resident who is passively researching different senior living options. Maybe that individual realizes they will need assistance but isn’t comfortable enough yet to pick up the phone. An ad placed programmatically in front of that individual during the information gathering and research process could be the cold introduction needed to open the pathway to a future conversation.

Benefit #2: Build and Target Audiences who “look like” Residents at Your Community

One of the surefire ways senior living providers can identify residents who are an ideal fit is to analyze and understand the residents currently living at their community. But how do providers reach prospects who are just like your current residents?

Programmatic advertising can create “lookalike” campaigns by integrating a community’s existing website and CRM data. By combining these data points, providers can pinpoint an ideal audience to target based on behavioral factors, demographic data and additional data points that have been appended. Within these lookalike campaigns, programmatic display serves targeted and personalized ads to these individuals at scale.

Lookalike campaigns are lucrative because they mesh seamlessly with existing outreach efforts, giving campaigns a strategic and cohesive feel without needless overlaps in messaging.

Download the Programmatic Display Marketing Guide to Learn More Benefits and Additional Programmatic Platforms

Programmatic display offers providers a cost-effective way to serve targeted, personalized ads to unique audiences at scale. This post merely scratches the surface of what the modern senior living marketing team can accomplish using programmatic advertising.

To learn the rest of the benefits of programmatic display and must-have programmatic platforms for senior living providers, download your copy of the Guide. The Senior Living Programmatic Display Guide contains the following:

  • An index to help providers determine the paid platform to prioritize based on its community type, stage in the resident journey and level of impact
  • A definition of programmatic display, smart display ads, native content advertising, remarketing and geofencing
  • How each of the channels above apply to senior living and help providers accomplish goals
  • Realistic results that can be expected from the channels above when an integrated paid media marketing strategy is executed

Hopefully your team is more informed of the benefits is can gain be investing in programmatic advertising. That said, if the terminology surrounding programmatic is still unclear or confusing, contact our team. We’ll be happy to set aside time to make sure your community is well-informed before it integrates programmatic advertising into its strategy.

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