Benefits of a New Website in the Senior Living and Senior Care Industry

10 Reasons to Consider a New Website

Launching a new website is no small task – it takes a lot of planning, budgeting and effort on the part of your entire team; but the payouts for a new website can be huge. Consider these ten reasons why you should invest in a new site.

1. Build a technically sound site

Creating a new website will allow you to build a site that uses all of the best practices of web site design. If you have an older site, chances are there are several things about your site that are causing it to load slowly or not be indexed properly. Providing your web developer with a list of tech requirements will make sure your site is properly coded to function best for users and it’s easy to be crawled by the search engines.

2. Update the look and feel of an old site

Having a site that looks outdated can be a turn off for potential customers. In this day and age, we expect websites to look professional. When we come across sites that look outdated, it makes us question if the company is safe to do business with.

3. Make your site look more professional

Along the same lines of updating an older site, you want to make sure that your site looks professional. If your site looks like a college student designed it, it’s time to put the extra money into having a new design created.

4. Get rid of a poor navigation structure

If your navigation structure isn’t user friendly, a website redesign can help. Take the opportunity to organize content logically and make it easier to find information.

5. Incorporate feedback from customers and potential customers

Redoing your website is a great opportunity to find out what users coming to your site really want to get out of it. Poll your customers, create focus groups and look at how other successful sites in the senior care industry are set up.

6. Set up your site for content marketing success

If you’ve been thinking about starting content marketing, or if you already are, a new website can easily incorporate a blog or content hub into the site’s structure. You’ll likely want to use some kind of content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to add new content. Make sure whatever CMS you choose is easy to use and technically sound with the ability to customize search engine optimization (SEO) fields.

7. Add social sharing

You’ll also want to make sure your site has social share buttons built into the content to make it easy to share with others. This encourages readers to post your content on social media sites or send it to friends and family.

8. Highlight calls to action

Don’t miss the opportunity to insert strong calls to action on a new site. Tell visitors what to do – call today, get a quote, learn more, etc.

9. Give visitors a better idea of your community

A new site can give you an opportunity to really portray the values and mission of your company in a multi-media format. Because trust is so important in the senior care industry, you want visitors to know how important it is to provide a safe environment where seniors can thrive. If your old website doesn’t hit on this, you need to focus on this in the new design.

10. Revamp your search strategy while protecting old rankings

You’ll have the opportunity to reevaluate your current SEO strategy. You can even identify content gaps in your site by looking at keyword themes not covered on your old site. Plus, with proper 301 redirects, you can preserve rankings your old site has already gained by redirecting them to new pages (if applicable).

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