Positive Benefits from Consistent Content Creation for Rehab Marketing

With over 3 million blog posts (and counting) published daily, your rehab marketing team might question, “What’s the point in spending so much time to create content? Isn’t this a needle in the haystack approach?”

While there’s an unfathomable amount of content created daily, it still provides numerous benefits to the businesses and organizations that strategically invest in it. But how?

Today, we’re getting to the bottom line with content marketing, and how it aligns to your rehab marketing objectives. You’ll learn:

  • 4 Benefits your addiction treatment facility will receive, and two that directly impact the bottom-line

Benefit #1 to Consistent Content Creation: Increased Site Traffic

Having a content marketing strategy that publishes valuable posts on a consistent basis not only helps those struggling with addiction. What’s considered a valuable post?

  • Any post that addresses a specific addiction treatment your facility offers
  • Topics that are helpful to the addict who is struggling
  • Content that addresses the concerned loved one who’s searching for answers
  • Local topics that could be informative to your audience (laws or bills passed locally or in your state, statistics from your state to highlight wins in the community or troubling trends)

Over time, your carefully curated content will resonate with your audience. To be sure, your rehab marketing team can log into Google Analytics to check the site traffic, and track which posts are proving to serve your audience the most value.

SEO traffic for a Linkmedia 360 Rehab client – but only after a year of aggressive content creation and publishing.

The value of content marketing is there for rehab marketers, if they’re patient and apply a consistent and strategic approach to publishing.

Beyond increased site traffic, content marketing offers addiction rehab facilities another benefit.

Benefit #2 to Consistent Content Creation: Increased Engagement

Social networks provide a platform to engage with prospective intakes on a one-on-one basis. Your addiction content can be used to supplement days where your rehab marketing team is scratching their heads and are grasping at straws with what to post.

After your rehab marketing team shares its content on social channels, it will open additional opportunities for engagement and calls to your admissions staff.

Benefit #3 to Consistent Content Creation: Increased Calls to Your Admissions Staff

This benefit alone will provide relief if the first two benefits didn’t move the meter. While your content – whether it be a blog post, infographic, guide, etc. – is earning your prospective intakes trust, it’s also nurturing them to pick up the phone to call your staff.

The call-to-action, if you will, doesn’t have to even be the driving message or focal point of the content. Phone numbers could be listed prominently, above the fold on your addiction treatment center’s website, in a color and font that’s appealing. The site visitor will feel confident about their decision to call your rehab AFTER they read your helpful, non-salesy content.

Benefit #4 to Consistent Content Creation: Increased Form Fills

While not as appealing as having your admissions staff swamped with calls, form fills still show a sign of trust, and ultimately assist in the process of a struggling addict becoming an intake your treatment center can help. Form fills also show that your site visitors are scrolling all the way to the bottom of your content, which is a great sign that your content is engaging with your audience.

Granted, for your rehab marketing team to make the most (and convert) the most it can from site visitors, keep them simple. Don’t require people to provide too much information, or they won’t be inclined to complete the process.

Content Marketing can be the Difference Maker for Your Addiction Treatment Center

They say content is king for a reason. After reading the four benefits your addiction treatment center can receive from consistently publishing content, your team should be inspired to create content that compels. Of course, if your rehab marketing team has any questions regarding the strategy and execution of its content marketing strategy, feel free to contact us. We’ll help your addiction treatment facility develop a long-term plan to approach its unique location and strengths.

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