It pays to be Inbox Impressive: Two Senior Living Benefits to Email Marketing Automation

Happy Birthday emails containing presents give people the warm fuzzies. How does the ‘birthday email’ and others like it draw us in? Beyond the promotional hook of giving something away for free, the relevancy and timeliness of the email compels action and motivates people to re-engage with a brand.

As a leader in senior living, you’re considering ways to make 2019 better than 2018. With census and marketing expectations becoming increasingly difficult, perhaps email marketing automation could be the key to an amazing 2019.

So, what separates a “successful email” from an “unsuccessful email” in 2018? Successful emails feel like a personalized message sent at the right time. They also tend to encourage your attention, without begging for it. On the other hand, unsuccessful emails come across spammy, obnoxious and overly-promotional.

If your senior living marketing team can harness traits of successful emails instead of mimicking traits of unsuccessful emails, it will be one step closer to nurturing deeper connections with prospects and improving sales conversions.

In this post, we’re giving away email insights as we explore the benefits from strategic email marketing automation. Your community will learn:

  • Two benefits senior living communities will gain from email marketing automation campaigns

Benefit #1 of Email Marketing Automation: Mass Personalization

We previously alluded to the impact personalization has in the form of birthday email offers. With email marketing automation, your community can have impactful, poignant emails that feel like a 1:1 conversation at scale. People expect brands to engage with them on a personal level without being creepy about it.

Consider this: Emails with a personalized subject line receive a 29.6% higher click-through rate than emails that don’t. Check out this handy infographic from MarketingProfs that dives into the hyper-personalization paradigm.

Mass personalization will help your community engage with interested leads without having to directly reach out to those individuals until they are ready. This gives your sales and marketing team more of its time back, especially when tasks start to pile up. Granted, there are three keys to effectively personalizing your email marketing automation at scale in senior living:

  1. Leads are segmented and routed to customized workflows based on interest level and stage in the buyer’s journey
  2. The lead then receives relevant and compelling content based on the segmented/personalized workflow he/she was placed in
  3. The compelling content must include calls-to-action (CTAs) that match their stage in the buyer’s journey, encouraging applicable action

Benefit #2 of Email Marketing Automation: Streamlined Follow-up with Sales

When your email marketing automation is firing on all cylinders, it will feel like your community added a couple specialized members to your sales team. For communities that struggle with having too much work, and not enough time to accomplish tasks, this will feel like a Godsend. Instead of picking up the phone to reach out to every lead, your sales team can focus its attention on the truly committed leads that will quickly convert into residents.

And it isn’t just senior living marketing teams looking to leverage email to produce a higher percentage of quality sales opportunities. Gleanster reports that the number one reason marketers at top-performing companies use email marketing is to increase revenue.

This means with the right email campaign; your sales team won’t need to waste time on “tire kickers”. Email marketing automation allows for teams to do more with less. Imagine what your sales team could accomplish if it saved an additional 10 hours a week from typing email responses.

Is Your Community Ready to Receive the Benefits from Email Marketing Automation?

As your senior living marketing team looks to make the most of 2019, take a moment and consider this statistic Wishpond compiled. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. While we don’t know how much of that 85% will trickle into the senior living industry, it’s important to consider the far-reaching impact automation will have. That said, if your team wants to reap the benefits from email marketing automation before it’s considered dated, call our team. No, we won’t add your name to an automated list. Expect a conversation with a human ready to help your community. We’ll provide additional benefits or will provide the information necessary to help your investment.

Get ready to personalize email and grow sales in 2019!

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