3 Benefits Senior Living Providers Gain by Integrating CRM and EMA Data

Familiar with the phrase ‘The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’? Any senior living practitioner who’s experienced miscommunication between sales and marketing departments can relate.

Though teams are working together toward the same organizational objective, prioritization and goal alignment are necessary. Has your community considered integrating and aligning data?
Blank stare.

You may be thinking, “I’ve aligned my community’s data by investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing automation (EMA) solution. Our community even connected our CRM with our website.”

We would say that your senior living community has the necessary puzzle pieces in place to exceed 2019’s census goals. Now, put those puzzle pieces together. There are benefits to integrating technology investments to produce a singular customer view.

In this post, we’re exploring the benefits of integrating your senior living CRM with email marketing. You’ll learn:

  • Three benefits senior living marketing and sales teams receive after integrating a CRM with EMA to determine if it’s a sound investment for 2019

Benefit #1 to Integrating CRM and EMA: Data Integrity and Acuity

There’s a dreaded acronym in computer science: GIGO. It stands for ‘garbage in garbage out’ and can be a serious problem for senior living marketing and sales teams. The senior living industry has unique challenges with data integrity. Some communities don’t have enough data, while others have outdated, inaccurate data from investments in legacy systems. Regardless of where your community stands on that divide, data decay is common in CRMs, and senior living industry is prone to data integrity issues.

In fact, during an episode of Fresh Insights from Fresh Faces back in March, an alarming CRM statistic was brought to our teams attention: up to 50% of senior living CRM data is bad.

By integrating your CRM with email marketing automation, your community accomplishes two objectives that make sales and marketing easier:

  1. Reductions in data entry errors
  2. Higher quality reports with greater granularity

By tying your CRM and EMA solutions together, your community will reduce its percentage of inaccurate data. Data integration improves sales, enterprise operations, and overall profitability potential.

Benefit #2 to Integrating CRM and EMA: Streamlined Sales Operations

If you’re a farmer, silos are essential. If you’re a senior living sales professional, information silos stifle sales, leading to sloppy interactions with prospective residents and ACIs. When your community integrates CRM with email marketing, it will simplify the sales process for your community. The following efficiencies will be created:

  • Lead scoring
  • Better prioritization of time
  • Automated sales touches
  • Automated content delivery
  • Automated CRM task creation and reminders

With 60% of lead generation being driven by online channels, your sales team needs automation to stay effective and responsive. Integration allows your sales team to focus their time and skill on prospective residents who will quickly convert into move-ins. Your community can improve pipeline potential by integrating CRM with email marketing automation. This isn’t just at the single site community level, either. CRM integration, when executed properly, improves enterprises at scale.

Benefit #3 to Integrating CRM and EMA: Opportunity to Scale Capabilities

By integrating CRM with email marketing automation, your community will have insights that can be scaled to your entire enterprise. This is mainly due to the levels of customization and personalization robust CRMs and EMA solutions offer. Your community can use the data insights from CRM integration and apply it to locations that have lagging sales. Conversely, it can be used to improve and automate sales and tasks where needed.

These integrations allow your senior living marketing and sales teams to be proactive and adaptive to changes as they take place. Scaling your CRM with email marketing will ensure your community makes the most of these technology investments and integrations, to provide the most favorable ROI possible.

Operationally, this can be a boon for enterprise-level insights, putting your organization in a favorable position to surpass competitors in 2019 and into the foreseeable future.

Put the Puzzle Pieces Together and Integrate Your CRM with EMA!

Every senior living organization will be looking for the key to maximizing market saturation and occupancy for the next year. What if the secret was hiding in plain sight in your data to begin with? Since your community already invested in a CRM, it’s time to take that investment to the next logical level.

We want to see your community succeed in 2019. Call our team, and we’ll provide additional ways to leverage its CRM and EMA integration. Complete the puzzle, take a step back, and admire the end-results from afar! It’s all possible after integrating CRM with email marketing.

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