2 Big Benefits to Walking in Your Residents Shoes by Creating A Buyer’s Journey

Perhaps we senior living marketers should take a page from Ralph Waldo Emerson. We’re a tad biased regarding a senior’s destination – to ultimately become a full-fledged member of a community. But do you truly know the journey a senior takes before that happens?

Today, we’re addressing the strategic advantages of creating a buyer’s journey to map the winding road your residents take before reaching out to book a tour or even ask a question.

You’ll learn:

  • The definition of a buyer’s journey/customer journey for senior living marketers
  • Two Benefits by creating a buyer’s journey for your senior living organization, regardless of the number of locations

So, What Is A Customer Journey? A Glorified Consumer Roadtrip?

Not exactly.

A buyer’s journey is a visual representation of every experience your prospective resident will have with your community. This includes every touchpoint, every experience, and every contact point throughout that journey. It’s important to note what channels will be activated and when, during a resident’s journey, so your senior living marketing team doesn’t miss an opportunity to engage and build trust with them.

Senior Living Marketing Buyer’s Journey Benefit #1: Predictive Occupancy

When creating your buyer’s journey, you’re connecting data (Google Analytics, demographic, psychographic, census data) and applying it to your potential residents by charting an anonymous seniors journey from the first moment they begin searching for a community to the moment of a move-in. Buyer’s journeys can greatly impact the bottom line, even though it feels like a hybrid between art and analytics. But how?

The accuracy with which your senior living marketing team maps your resident’s journey will help your team empathize and resonate with prospective residents, by understanding the underlying emotions and struggles through each stage in the journey. By creating a buyer’s journey, your team will be able to confidently speak to the experiences residents are having when searching for the ideal community, because it already put the backend effort into understanding what pain points and challenges are encountered along the journey.

Not only does this remove guessing work for your team, it helps them articulate and predict when a resident will make their decision based on the data your community has. So, a buyer’s journey map can help your team forecast occupancy opportunities, based on the sound research that went into its creation.

Senior Living Marketing Buyer’s Journey Benefit #2: Content That Resonates

There’s something to be said about being at the right place at the right time, and that’s exactly what happens when your senior living marketing team makes the effort to creating a buyer’s journey. After that buyer’s journey is fully realized, it will serve as a road map and north star, directing your team to the type of content a prospective resident will find valuable at the time. This goes a long way toward building trust and establishes your community as one that demonstrates a true understanding of the experiences seniors are having when discerning between communities, or are in the throes of deciding a living situation.

Curated, specific content resonates, and the senior living communities that surpass occupancy goals on a repeatable basis craft compelling stories. How do you think those senior living marketing teams do it? Chances are, their dedicated buyer’s journey doesn’t skip corners and makes it easy for their team to address prospective residents pain points in real time, helping them with hyper-specific content topics.

It’s Not About the Residents Destination, but About the Residents Journey

Creating a buyer’s journey that will serve as a strategic asset takes time, effort, and creativity. If your senior living marketing team understands the benefits for creating a buyer’s journey but needs help getting there, contact our team. We have experience crafting specific, strategic buyer’s journey’s in senior living and would be happy to help. Enjoy the journey.

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