Broken Hair Dryer Tells A Sad Story

I recently attended the 35th Anniversary Tradeshow and Conference for the Self Storage Association in Vegas. As usual, it was a great time and it’s always so good to see old friends, meet new ones and network.

Upon our arrival at the hotel, it was too early to check in so we took advantage of the time by grabbing a quick lunch and setting up our tradeshow booth. Needless to say, after a long flight from Cleveland to Vegas, setting up the booth and checking in, it’s fair to say you’re a little “worn” by the time you finally arrive at your room.

After I settled in the room and finished unpacking, I started to think about dinner. As I’m getting ready, I reach for the hair dryer and flip the switch. That’s when things got “interesting”. The dryer had no power, so my next move is to call Housekeeping. I’m thinking, “Surely it can’t be a big deal to get another dryer”. WRONG!!!! I ended up calling Housekeeping three times and waited slightly over an hour to get another dryer. To make matters worse, the person that brought the dryer was rude and unapologetic. After calling his boss, need I say more “I could see where he gets it from”. The Housekeeping Supervisor was no better. I just didn’t feel like anyone really felt bad for what I’d gone through. I wasn’t feeling any love. I’m not looking for any red carpet treatment here. I just wanted someone to care about me and treat me with a little courtesy and show some sincere appreciation for me as a customer.

What has happened folks!!?? Isn’t the customer always right? If one of our customers expresses that he’s had a negative experience in dealing with us, it is our responsibility to correct matters, apologize and sympathize with their feelings. We can’t promise perfection, but if we do slip, we’re accountable for the situation and will offer up more than enough apologies in addition to working with you to come to a satisfactory resolve.

At the end of the day, we understand that customers have a choice as to where they do business, and if we’re working hard for you, being accountable for our work and show sincere appreciation for you and your business, you’ll no doubt be a happy client.

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