How to Build a Self Storage Website

These days it’s imperative to not only have a website, but to have a website that is engaging and user friendly. Not long ago, business owners would have a website for the main purpose of having some sort of online visibility that provided general information about their business and the services they provide.  A website back then was like a window into a business. Nowadays, websites are more than just a window that consumers can look through; it is a whole shopping experience. A poorly built website and poor online user experience will guide visitors to quickly leave your site just as if they were walking right out of your store. To keep users on your site- and keep them coming back- we have compiled a checklist on how to build an engaging site, specifically if your business is in the self-storage industry. You can also use this checklist to compare your current site and see if there are any features that are missing.

Is your site easy to navigate?

When building a website you want the site to be navigable as much as possible. Can your users easily find what they are looking for? Can they move from one page to the next seamlessly or do they have to jump around the site to find the correct information? It should not take more than two seconds for users to find the information they are seeking on your site. Any longer, and you could potentially lose a consumer to a competitor.

Can users find your business location?

If you have multiple self storage facilities, it’s important to list all your locations an organized manner. Not only is listing all your locations important, but incorporating a search functionality to allow users to easily find a location is important as well. A Google map displaying all your locations is also helpful. It will allow users to visually discover other nearby locations and help them find a storage facility near them.

Are you listing the features of your facility?

Every consumer has different needs and level of needs. One consumer may want a storage facility that has top of the line security, while another consumer may be more focused on climate control. Whatever feature your self storage facility provides, it’s important to showcase these features on your site.

Does your site display storage unit sizes?

Focus on the different needs of your consumers by displaying a list of unit sizes that can help solve your consumer’s needs. For example, a consumer who would like to store personal items may need a smaller unit than a business who may need a larger unit to store files and equipment.

Does your site provide helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions?

Creating a page that focuses on providing helpful storage tips and answers to frequently asked questions is crucial to attract first-time consumers. This is also an easy way to provide customer support without taking time away from your customer service representatives. More importantly, it allows users to find answers to questions they may have.

Can users easily contact you?

Is your contact information easily accessible on your site? Does your site provide a number of contact options, such as an online contact form? It’s important to provide users a number of methods to contact you, from displaying a phone number to having an online submission form. Having various methods of contact makes it easy for users to reach you for questions or concerns they may have about your service.

Can users easily pay their bill online?

Providing users an online payment option allows users to conveniently pay their bills while cutting down the usage of paper. Not only are you being environmentally friendly, but you are also saving your consumer, as well as yourself, precious time.

Does your site have a reservation page?

This is one of the most important elements of a self-storage website. By not having a reservation page, your site is creating a wall that is preventing users from reserving a storage unit. Incorporating a reservation page on your site gives users an easy way to reserve a unit, as well as allowing you to be more efficient with running your business.

These are just a few of the basic guidelines in building a successful self storage website. Follow this checklist, and you will be on your way to creating a great online user experience for your consumers.

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