Buyer Personas for the Healthcare Industry

Marketing professionals are already aware that knowing their audience is crucial to a successful marketing plan. Knowing who your dream customer is is key for any business in any industry.

Let’s use the field of senior care within the healthcare industry as an example. What type of people would professionals in senior care be trying to reach?  We already know that each buyer persona should share the following:

1)      Common behavior patterns and motives- focus on why they do things, not how.

2)      Pain points and common obstacles they need help working through.

3)      The same goals, wishes & dreams- what they want to achieve within their respective companies.

4)      General demographic and biographic information- personas are not solely defined by their job titles alone.

So, let’s think about the types of people involved in the senior care vertical.  There’s the elderly person- the person who is about to be or is already residing in an assisted living facility and will be adjusting to their new living situation.  Or, there’s the senior who is about to retire and needs information about what to expect from their new position in life.  You can also focus on the caregiver- the person who is in charge of their aging loved one and might be seeking advice on making the transition to an assisted living facility or memory care.  Lastly, there’s the healthcare professionals themselves; the social workers or nurses.

Remember that creating a buyer persona is as simple as telling a story.  Focus on things like demographics and background, pain points, challenges he or she may face, where he or she looks for information, and common goals.  Keep the stories surrounding the personas fictional but realistic, and use pictures to help visualize the persona.

Below, we have created a good example of the caregiver persona.

Caregiver Carrie

caregiver carrie

 Personal Background

Carrie works in the HR department of a large company.  Married for 35 years, she and her husband enjoy taking vacations a couple times a year, including a summer trip with their college-aged children.  She makes time to see her family members, including her aging mother, a few times a month.

Challenges Carrie Faces

Carrie’s father passed away ten years ago, and due to recent health issues, her mother is no longer able to live on her own.  Carrie is struggling with the decision to move her into an assisted living facility, as her mother has always been fiercely independent, and until recently, very active and healthy.  The medical issues she’s been faced with lately have taken a toll on the entire family.  Carrie cannot provide the medical help her mother needs alone, so moving her into Carrie’s own home is out of the question.


Carrie wants to learn how to make an informed decision about which assisted living facility her mother would feel most comfortable in in their city.  There are several facilities to choose from nearby.  She wants her mother to be close, safe, and happy in her new surroundings.  Her mother’s safety is of the utmost importance to Carrie and she plans to make sure her mother still feels as though her opinion matters in the decision, too.


As you can see, using this persona makes creating content for your senior care facility simple.  You know what type of information Carrie is looking for as she researches assisted living facilities and can easily provide blog posts to help her make informed decisions.  You can speak the language of the persona that makes her want to engage with your facility above any others.

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