When Opportunity Calls: 3 Call Tracking Tips for Rehab Marketing Teams

In an ideal scenario, your admissions team would be able to answer every phone call your treatment center receives. While rehab marketing professionals know that isn’t realistic, it’s in the best interest of your rehabilitation center to make every call count.

By understanding where your calls are coming from, your treatment center’s team will save money and reduce wasteful spending on marketing channels that aren’t performing. Call tracking allows rehab marketing teams to gain deeper insight into the source of its calls.

For this post, we’re covering call tracking tips to help your rehab surpass its goals. Your treatment center will learn:

  • Three call tracking tips your rehab marketing team can implement to have a better understanding of its phone leads

Rehab Call Tracking Tip 1: Integrate Call Tracking into Google Analytics

Sustainable rehab marketing strategies rely on a consistent frequency of phone calls with quality conversations. By integrating call tracking into Google Analytics, your rehab will gain deeper insight into its calls that will ultimately allow your center to improve operations and ROI.

To get started, your rehab marketing team could set up goals in conversion reports for the pages on your website that feature your phone number prominently. After your goals are established, your rehab marketing team can track the phone leads and attribute them to the channel that drove the call.

Rehab Call Tracking Tip 2: Segment Call Tracking Lists

Beyond understanding the channel that drove a lead to call your treatment center, obtaining insight into user behavior data can help your facility make smarter business decisions. When your rehab marketing team segments its call tracking lists by channel, it will gain the opportunity to create personalized, targeted messages.

Your drug rehabilitation treatment center may have to spend more on the cost of its call tracking solution to get this feature, but the benefits your facility will receive will add longevity to the investment.

Rehab Call Tracking Tip 3: Implement Call Recording

While your rehab marketing team can gain incredible insights that can drive smart business decisions with call tracking, there will always be a human element that can’t be neglected. The initial conversation your rehab’s admission team has with an addict in need will set the tone for their entire recovery experience. The following benefits can come from regularly monitoring calls:

1.) Team Training Opportunities – Did your admissions staff appropriately handle the call? Did they demonstrate empathy and reflect the values of your treatment center’s standards? By listening into call recordings, your rehab will know the exact context of any call. With that knowledge, you can conduct team training where you educate your staff on the latest best practices and highlight phone calls that exceed expectations.

2.) Share Call Insights – When listening in on call recordings, you may begin to pick up on cues in the recorded conversations that the individual speaking with your admissions staff is ready to begin treatment. For example, if a caller indicates that their insurance will cover the duration of their treatment, it’s a signal that you should share with your admissions staff to have them identify.

3.) Performing Quality Assurance – Maintaining consistency on the phone lines is a challenge, but with recorded calls in your call tracking solution, your team can maintain the rigorous standards you have in place.

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