Senior Living Practitioners: Don’t Fight Using Chatbots for Marketing

You may be reluctant to trust Alexa with your deepest secrets, but there are industries adopting AI, machine learning, and chatbots to solve a variety of business problems. In fact, by 2022, over 85% of companies will use some form of automated live chat features on their websites to connect with consumers.

Using chatbots for marketing purposes may not be the ideal fit or solution if your senior living marketing team is already overwhelmed by too many digital channels. Teams that feel encumbered by internal bandwidth restrictions can benefit from a chatbot, AI, or machine learning solution but will need to carve out the time to make sure a chatbot is right for your community.

From a high level, the possibility that senior living communities can use chatbots to provide better care for residents, help adult-child influencers stay up-to-date on mom and dad, and aid seniors themselves with tasks make chatbots or virtual AI assistants an opportunity worth pursuing. Today, we address chatbots for senior living, so your community doesn’t have to spin its wheels figuring out how chatbots could be integrated into your current and ongoing initiatives.

With this post, you’ll learn:

  • How some industries are using chatbots for marketing and solving additional unique business problems
  • 2 Ways chatbots or AI could solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for your senior living marketing team and support additional initiatives

Programmed for Greatness: Using Chatbots for Marketing & More

If you’ve had Siri answer your questions or visited a site that had a virtual chatbot assisting you through a transaction, then you already have firsthand experience with the handy ways businesses are using AI to improve everyday activities and enhance experiences. Here’s a quick rundown on how industries outside senior living are utilizing chatbots and AI:

  • Customer service and customer experience questions
  • Making reservations for hotels
  • Ordering restaurant carryout
  • Securing a reservation for a restaurant
  • Answering questions during an e-commerce sale

Now, consider this: the looming 2030 baby boomer boom combined with a shrinking nursing labor pool creates a compelling case for senior living chatbot adoption.

2 Benefits From Using Chatbots for Senior Living in 2018

We’ll have to wait before every home has its own robot that performs our household tasks ala Rosie from the Jetsons, but that future is getting closer by the day. Here are the top ways seniors are using AI and chatbots in 2018.

1.) Supplements Home Healthcare – As more of the aging population eschews traditional senior living community models, opting to live at home, communities have felt the strain of providing exceptional care while still meeting the needs of their residents living at the community.

For those communities that are committed to providing personalized care for independent seniors choosing to live at home, chatbots could be a solution to explore. Chatbots and AI can fill the void between visits from skilled nurses. That’s not to say a chatbot is a human substitute. It’s important to understand that the human component to home healthcare is necessary. But having a chatbot working in tandem with senior living care professionals will supplement your community’s personalized approach. Here’s a few ways to use a chatbot for senior living home healthcare:

  • Reminding seniors to take their medication
  • Programming chatbots to be conversational – asking seniors questions and keeping them engaged
  • Reporting health updates back to senior living communities

2.) Promotes Mental Health Wellness and Reduces Depression – As we prefaced in our first recommendation, chatbots can supplement home healthcare initiatives, and while doing that, will also help seniors who might feel lonely and isolated. A chatbot, inherently, is designed to be chatty after all. That chatter can help keep seniors mentally active and curbs cognitive decline. The Wall Street Journal cites the advances in natural language processing, making conversations more authentic between chatbots and their human companions.

And though we’ve coined the term digitally savvy seniors, generally speaking, the elderly aren’t early adopters of the latest tech trends and innovations. That said, chatbots and AI present a unique distinction, where lonely seniors might be more receptive to this technology if their close friends have passed and if the family rarely calls. After all, everyone craves companionship at one point or another.

Chatbots for Senior Living in 2018? Let’s Chat About it

Whether you’re using chatbots for marketing, supplementing healthcare experiences, or having it write ridiculous screenplays, the strategic benefits to investing in a chatbot and AI to provide unique solutions are there. Of course, if your senior living marketing or C-suite’s interest is piqued, but you want to implement a chatbot the right way, contact us. You can “bot” we’ll help, and we’ll make sure your chatbot doesn’t use terrible puns in its natural language.

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