Why a ‘one size fits all’ Approach Doesn’t Work in Self-Storage Marketing

Finding a self-storage marketing partner can be time-consuming. After the dust settles, how does your team know it made the right choice? Aside from tracking leads becoming move-ins, it can be tough to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of strategies, and the performance of teams tasked with execution.

Within this post, you’ll learn:

  • 3 Qualities to look for in a dedicated self-storage marketing team
  • 3 Qualities to avoid in a self-storage marketing partnership

Right Fit: 3 Qualities to look for in a Self-Storage Marketing Partner

No one has unlimited time or resources at their disposal. To save your facility on both, vet your prospective agency partner to see if it possesses the qualities below. If your agency partner possesses all three qualities, chances are its invested in accomplishing your short and long-term business goals. Going ‘above and beyond’ seems like a novelty these days, but a dedicated self-storage marketing partner will do just that.

1.) Reporting that goes beyond the numbers – Data by itself does next to nothing without insight. Does your marketing agency partner merely present activities performed on your website? Or, does the team responsible with handling your self-storage marketing strategy go deeper than the data – providing context for what’s impacting the activity? Look to work with agencies that dig deeper than the data to tell a more complete story tied to business insights, taking your facilities goals to heart. Dedicated reporting allows your agency partner to connect disparate data points to reveal insights that baseline reporting alone won’t unearth. Challenge your agency of record to dive deeper into reporting, to ensure your facility is getting the most from its self-storage marketing investment.

2.) An agency with a specialty in self-storage – Does your marketing partner dabble in the space, or do they have a true specialization? That’s not to say an advertising agency or marketing partner without self-storage experience can’t produce an ROI for your facility. To set yourself up with the best possibility of success, specifically look for agencies that do have experience running strategy for self-storage facilities. Once your team has confirmed that the agency looking to earn your business has a specialty in self-storage, you can ask pointed questions. Conferences like SSA Orlando this week present the opportunity to meet prospective agencies that you know will specialize in self-storage. If you aren’t attending SSA Orlando 2018, look up to see if SSA offers a conference within your home state, or if another self-storage conference is held nearby for you to meet prospective agency partners.

3.) Innovative new solutions that produces ROI opportunities – Is the agency your facility partnered with more concerned with chasing bright and shiny objects than proving value? At the end of the day, innovation can provide a strategic advantage over competition. That’s not to say your team needs to adapt to the latest trend because your agency viewed a Buzzfeed article and thinks it would be cool. That said, an agency of record with your facilities best interest at heart won’t pitch or propose re-allocating marketing spend to a trend without first doing its due diligence to test out the success first. Don’t make your facility a guinea pig. Only accept a recommendation If a solution or trend has solid data to back it up. Innovate, but partner with an agency that will justify an innovative tactic or even a potential risk, with proven data.

Wrong Fit: 3 Qualities to avoid in a Self-Storage Marketing Partner

Simply producing clicks and calls for your facility is one thing. How can you tell if your marketing partner is vested in your facilities success? While we all like The Steve Miller Band, no one wants to have a marketing relationship that’s all ‘Take The Money And Run’ with no results. Check out our list of 3 qualities to avoid so your facility doesn’t agree to a one-sided partnership.

1.) Has greater interest in pitching products/services than collaboration – Your agency of record should work with your staff to create solutions to problems, not create solutions to problems you never had. It’s the difference between an agency out for its own gain rather than your bottom-line – partnership is the operative word here. A true partner won’t pitch new solutions month over month. It will look to work with the tools your facility has to drive results, with additional investments tied back to the goals that have been previously discussed. If you feel like your agency partnership is all pitching for additional services without results, it’s time to search elsewhere.

2.) Services in a Silo – Ever hear the expression ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’? The same can be applied to your self-storage marketing strategy. Your facility will need an integrated solution in today’s day and age to create awareness across multiple touch points. You can’t get that if you’re working with agencies across disciplines that doesn’t collaborate or share information and data with one another or your team. If your facilities services are handled in a silo, the marketing message becomes diluted, even at times competing against other channels its investing in. It’s difficult to align goals when one team is operating separate from one another. A true agency partnership will keep communication and collaboration at the forefront, so teams can move forward with the same strategy on the same page.

3.) Lack of Responsiveness – Honeymoon phases are exactly that. What your agency does consistently is what matters. Ask yourself: would your agency of record be more responsive if you were paying them more money? The agency your facility partners with should never feel like a second-class citizen or inferior to clients that bill more. Your agency should always make time to address concerns and reply to inquiries in a reasonable amount of time (within at least 48 hours). If your facility feels like it’s the lowest priority on its agency’s totem pole, it’s time to find a new agency to collaborate with. A true agency partner will want to work with your facility to grow its bottom line, with the services its under contract for growing as results are driven. The adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ apply here. If your facility feels like it’s in the backseat of a partnership, challenge your agency of record to either improve, or find a more responsive agency to work with.

Ditch the Template – Contact Our Team to Learn More

It’s true that one size doesn’t fit all concerning self-storage marketing. Your facility deserves to partner with an agency that prioritizes and customizes its strategy around the goals your facility wants to achieve. Our team will be happy to help your facility avoid marketing partnership pitfalls, without the hard sell. Feel free to contact us if your organization is unsure if it’s in the right partnership. Our team will do the best it can to give your team appropriate counsel. Partner wisely.


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