How to Claim Your Google Listings

Claiming your Google Listings



How do you find information online? You Google it, of course. Google is the search engine that most people use to find a business, get directions or ask questions. According to a PEW research 2013 study, Google alone handles more than 100 billion searches per month. More and more people are doing search on their smartphones. In fact, 74% of adult smartphone owners using their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location.  How can you make sure that that your business is appearing correct in the Google search results and on Google Maps?

It is vital to have the correct name, address, phone number and website for your business online so customers and potential customers can find you! There are many ways to get your business’s listing online. First, you can go through at Data Information Bureau such as Axciom or InfoUSA. These bureaus will set up your information for online directories and then “push” out those listings to online data aggregators. You can also work with an agency that can send the listings (and later monitor those listings) to the data bureaus, other aggregators and search engines. Or, you can claim the listings on each of the major search engines yourself.

What exactly is claiming and what does it do? Claiming is the same thing as verifying a listing. When you search on different search engines, you might see a notation that the listing is “Owner Verified” or there could be a check mark in the listing. Claiming or verifying a listing is letting the search engines know that your business information is accurate. Each search engine has a different claiming process, so you need to make sure that you following the instructions that you are given.

Linkmedia 360  has created an easy reference guide if you plan on claiming Google Online Listings on your own.  This step by step document will give you tips on how to set up your listings and then verify them via Google.  Download the Google Claiming instruction sheet today!  If you have issues with setting up your local listings, Linkmedia 360 can help!


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