What Marketing Automation is (and is not) for Senior Living Providers

There are key solutions specifically designed to increase lead flow, nurture leads, generate sales revenue and reduce time spent on meticulous tasks.

Marketing automation provides the solutions above for senior living providers and more. That said, a wide range of perceptions exist regarding what marketing automation is and its core capabilities.

Is marketing automation a way to send mass emails? Is it a robot that lives inside your community’s website? Continue reading to gain clarity on those questions and to learn what marketing automation is and is not for senior living providers.

What Marketing Automation is: Efficiency, Productivity & Sales Support

Let’s begin with a definition to set expectations accordingly. Marketing automation is a software platform that automates sales activities, measures and improves marketing campaigns and increases revenue and organizational efficiencies.

When marketing automation is correctly scoped and integrated, senior living marketing and sales teams can see the following:

Improved Productivity

Marketing automation provides additional support for senior living sales teams by automating time-consuming tasks. Sales teams can then focus on the warm and hot leads, most likely to move into a community. Automation is designed to reduce manual labor and makes teams more productive the following ways:

  • Syncing sales contacts into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform
  • Automating email workflows and setting up drip campaigns
  • Creating unique call tracking numbers for measurable channel attribution
  • Scheduling and managing social media posts across platforms
  • Sending notifications to sales teams in real-time through text messaging and/or emails
  • Building lead profiles the moment the initial digital touchpoint occurs

…and much more, depending on the levels of customization incorporated into a marketing automation platform.

Shorter Sales Cycles

The sales cycle in senior living can take 12 months or longer depending on the levels of care and services offered. Marketing automation can shorten the lengthy senior living sales cycle by helping teams prioritize the leads with the greatest probability of touring a community or becoming a resident move in.

According to the Enquire 2018 | 2019 Annual Senior Housing and Post-Acute Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report, marketing automation decreases the length of the senior living sales cycle by 21%. Utilizing automation, sales teams get more time in their day for crucial outreach and are able to work smarter, not harder, while automation nurtures leads in earlier stages of the resident journey.

A Hub for Content Distribution

Relevant content catered to targeted personas doesn’t always reach them due to a combination of factors. Some of these factors stem from search engines regularly tweaking their algorithms, fierce competition within the senior living sector and an abundance of content published daily.

Thankfully, with the right marketing automation platform, content that’s specifically curated for your audience can be served to the right prospect at the right time in the resident journey, regardless if it reached its target audience when it was initially published.


Automation uses data points to build unique, customized profiles that identifies targeted personas and utilizes your community’s content to address specific needs and answer pertinent questions. The best part? Automation utilizes fresh, new pieces of content and archived content that’s relevant to your audience in every stage of the resident journey.

The content served to prospects is personalized to the individual based on the data points collected during various interactions with your community. Marketing automation breathes new life into content, and gradually nurtures leads from initial interaction to the moment a prospective resident is receptive to sales outreach.

What Marketing Automation is not: A Robotic, Fully Automated Cure All

Your senior living marketing and sales team has a better understanding of the capabilities that marketing automation provides. Now, let’s address several misconceptions surrounding marketing automation to maximize its utility for your benefit.

Marketing Automation is not Robotic

Human intervention is still required to properly implement an automation platform. Marketing automation isn’t designed to be a “schedule it and forget it” solution. Regularly scheduled maintenance and monitoring will be necessary to maximize its capabilities. If teams utilize automation without close collaboration, automation will amplify issues that existed in the sales process prior to the investment. Rather, marketing automation is the way to solve the areas of concern within the sales and marketing process that arise.

Marketing Automation is not a “fix” for Lead Flow

Automation helps teams manage and prioritize leads. However, for this support to take place, a sales pipeline must first exist. Marketing automation does not work like a magic wand. Lead generation is necessary prior to an investment in a marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation is not Fully Automated

Automation requires a “driver” to keep tabs on workflows, making improvements when necessary. This does not require rigorous staffing. Employing and/or assigning a tech savvy individual to oversee automation will help organizations yield every available benefit to take full advantage of this technology.

Download the Guide to Marketing Automation to Maximize Your Investment

Fully understanding the capabilities of marketing automation will help your organization maximize its investment. The right marketing automation platform will alleviate many of the challenges senior living marketing and sales teams face. At its best, marketing automation improves efficiencies, workflows and creates deeper collaboration amongst teams.

What we shared today is only a fraction of what’s covered in the Guide to Modern Marketing Automation for Senior Living. We hope this resource propels your organization forward to surpass its shared goals as it prepares to make 2020 a watershed year.

For questions regarding marketing automation or CRM platforms, please contact Delaine Blazek, Enquire VP of Sales, Senior Living. delaine.blazek@enquiresolutions.com.

If questions arise about integrating marketing automation and CRM platforms with analytics after claiming your copy of the Guide, contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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