Self Storage: Make an Online Experience that “Clicks”

Click It to Win It

We aren’t referring to the Adam Sandler film of the same name. This week’s post refers to the number of clicks and time it takes for your customer to lease one of your units.

Is that a metric your team is currently tracking on your website? Have you personally counted the amount of clicks it takes a customer to visit your website and lease a unit? If you or your team isn’t – you may be missing rental opportunities as you’re reading our blog.

Before we make official recommendations, it’s important to understand how a user is behaving on your website. Begin by simply visiting your website and going through the process of renting a unit as if you were a customer. How long does it take you to rent a unit? Did you feel this process was easy to find and navigate?

Develop a “Mobile First” Strategy

As of October 2016, mobile web traffic surpassed that of desktop traffic. While that statistic alone might not shock you, the percentages will continue to rise in the future. Having a mobile-responsive website is simply a must-have in today’s connected community. So, if your website isn’t currently mobile responsive, that’s your first goal. We would recommend revisiting this post when your facility is mobile-friendly.

Simply put, your mobile experience must be optimized to capture and facilitate the leasing process. According to a Google Small Business report in 2016, users are five times more likely to leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly. In short, be friendly with mobile, and your users will be friendly with you.

Click-To-Lease Hurdles

Your storage facility may have a mobile responsive website already set up. But, that doesn’t mean it’s optimized to perform as well as it should. Here are several important things to check:

  • Load times
  • CTA (call-to-action) not immediately apparent (below the fold)
  • CTA not clearly labeled with a SINGLE call to action “Rent Now”
  • Requesting too much customer information on lease forms
  • Length of checkout process
  • UX (user experience)

These are just several hurdles your storage customer may have to jump through before they ultimately choose your facility or your competitors. Remember – we want to reduce the time it takes your customer to lease a unit and reduce the number of clicks it takes to get there. Our best advice: Keep it simple.

Keep the Click Simple

Simplicity isn’t inferiority. It’s delivering the content your customer is seeking and nothing less – or more. The more succinct your facility can be at communicating the benefits of renting from your facility the better. Make any call to action clearly visible, and label it appropriately so a user knows where to go.

Follow the Five Click Rule

Our easy-to-test recommendation is to literally count the amount of clicks it takes a visitor to rent or lease a unit from your facility. If it took that customer five clicks or less, chances are, you would still retain that customer.

The shopping cart abandonment rate is 78% on mobile and 63% on desktop computers. Your visitors won’t wait around for a page or form to load. That’s why it’s so important to convert  the users your website is receiving, when they are already on your site.

Again, should you or your team need some help in reducing the amount of clicks it takes to convert a user, contact our team. We’ll be happy to talk about the results of your internal audit, or potentially perform one of our own for your facility. We’re here to help.

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