Confessions of a “Not So Smart” phone user

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Mobile phones are taking over the world of search. What is a girl to do with her old-fashioned  flip, “not so smart” phone? Am I one of the few people who don’t have a smartphone yet? I know a few people who just got their first mobile phone this year. Yes, they jumped right into the year 2001! The more that I read about mobile phone usage for search . The more I am leaning towards getting a smart phone. My old flip phone will only go so far with sending texts and making phone calls.

As I begin my search for the perfect smart phone for me, I am left wondering if I really need to be that connected.  Should I get an Android or iPhone  operating  system?  Do I need to go with the 4G or the 3GS version? comScore just released a report that Android is leading the market in smartphone users. There are just so many choices!

I recently posted a question on the Linkmedia 360 Facebook page  about mobile phone usage. Currently, there is a tie between people using their phone to send a text and making phone calls. But, we have received many comments that people use their phone for everything from search, email, texting and phone calls. If I get a smartphone, will I turn into that woman who fell in the fountain in the mall because she was texting and not paying attention where she was walking? The story and video of that incident were seen all over the world .

I know that smartphones are where the mobile phone industry is headed.  Users are staying in touch with family, friends and business through Facebook and Twitter apps and email on their mobile.  Nearly 35% of mobile phone owners have smartphones. Marketers are just beginning to delve into the mobile marketing world with huge growths predicted for the next few years. I’ve started my research, so now it is time to get out there, meet the future and jump on that smartphone bandwagon.

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