Content Marketing for the Senior Care Industry

content marketing for senior care industryYou already know that content is king, right? The more dynamic, fresh content you are pushing out to your audience, the more visible your website will be in the search results on major search engines.  Google factors in content on your website, or connected to your website, as a major part of their algorithms.

If your business is within the senior care industry, there are endless possibilities for content creation, especially for a blog or social media sites. First, you need to remember to consider your buyer personas. Who are you writing your content for?

In the senior care vertical, you can focus your content on the caregiver persona (aka “Caregiver Carrie”), or the senior citizen.  The senior citizen persona can be an elderly person considering a move to an assisted living facility, or a recent retiree facing changes as he or she leaves the workforce.  You can also focus content on the healthcare professional or social worker.

Once you know who you’d like to create content for, start jotting down some ideas.  Begin by creating a document with categories or topics you know would be important to your audience.  This list can include subjects like:

  • Retirement/Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Local Events/Holidays

Once you have this list created, continue brainstorming some ideas for actual blog posts.

What types of blog posts would be important for the caregiver? Articles regarding how to discuss the transition to an assisted living facility with your loved one, how to create a safe environment for your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, or the importance of respite care are just a few ideas.

What about the recent retiree? These seniors are entering a new stage of their lives and are looking for ways to fill their days and manage their newfound free time.  Blog posts about weekday road trips, technology for seniors, and how to stay socially connected are some topics that would hit home for this audience. Also, a very popular and well-discussed topic is maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.

The main idea when it comes to creating content for your blog is to become an “expert” in the topics you’re discussing. It’s not as daunting a task as it may seem- you already know the pain points, goals and behavior patterns of your audience, so developing content that will appeal to them isn’t that difficult at all.

Once you’ve started blogging, make sure to share your content! Social media sites are a perfect channel for sharing, whether you’re posting a link to your blog post on your company Facebook page or sending out a tweet to your followers. Make sure your fans and followers are aware of all the awesome information you’re able to provide them! Chances are, if you can hit on certain points with them, they’ll share your blog to others who might find your articles relevant, too.

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