10 Conversion Rate Optimization Questions Storage Owners Need to Know

You’ve probably heard the proverb, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’ Conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialists would likely reply, ‘challenge accepted’. Yes, there are ways to encourage customers to complete the action you desire of them. In this case, the action you desire is for prospective customers to rent your available storage units online.

As an owner, you’re responsible for your facility’s profitability and success. But you also want to make sure your self storage marketing team or agency of record are implementing the CRO tactics that will help you accomplish your goals.

To ensure you’re maximizing your self storage marketing potential and holding your agency of record accountable, you’ll need to understand conversion rate optimization enough to ask the right questions. In this post you’ll learn:

  • 10 conversion rate optimization questions to ask – with additional details under each question – to help you learn whether your storage facility’s website is making rentals easy for customers (and profitable for you)

Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Questions in Storage

1.) How fast can customers rent our units?

Speed matters. Your storage renters won’t wait for slow loading pages. Instead, they’ll bounce from your site and will shop your competition. This is especially true regarding prospective renters browsing your units on their smartphones. Providing a fast, intuitive and easy transaction process not only improves conversion rate optimization effectiveness. Site speed is also heavily factored into Google’s algorithm, after the Speed Update this past July.

2.) Are you testing landing pages often?

Design and functionality factor into an effective conversion rate optimization strategy. Self storage marketing practitioners are often pleased to see website traffic making it to a landing page on your website. But are those visitors finding what they need upon landing? And are they having a frictionless experience after browsing and clicking? Consistently testing your landing pages demonstrates a commitment to providing a quality online experience with customers. Your customers will reward your facility with unit rentals if you continually cater your landing pages to serve their needs.

3.) Are pictures and images accurately representing the units at my facility?

Management may be diligent about uploading photos of your facility on social media. Is the same diligence being applied when uploading and optimizing images on your website? A third of all searches typed into Google are for images. Your facility improves its potential to be featured in image search results by having accurate and up-to-date photos of its units and facility. Check that your marketing team is optimizing its up-to-date images to support SERP visibility and conversion rate optimization efforts.

4.) Are testimonials present?

Positive reviews and testimonials point a signal of trust to prospective customers. Conversely, a negative review detailing a poor experience with your facility could drive traffic to your competition. On average, consumers will read at least seven reviews to develop an opinion about a company. The more, and more positive reviews your facility has, the better. Check that your reviews are featured near unit pricing and availability to encourage rentals. As a conversion rate optimization best practice, you should check that reviews and testimonials are also featured on your home page and ‘about us’ page.

5.) How prominent is my phone number?

To maximize conversion rate optimization potential, have your phone number featured on pages that are applicable to your customer’s renting experience. That includes, but isn’t limited to, your home page, location pages, resource pages, and within pieces of content. If phone numbers are placed with purpose, they’ll be perceived as helpful to the customer experience. Some deals need to be closed over the phone and your facility will be ideally placed to field those inquiries when customers have additional questions.

6.) Are my local listings accurate and consistent?

By local listings, we mean your self storage facility’s business name, phone number, and address – commonly referred to as its NAP. If your local listing information is inaccurate, Google won’t feature it on the search engines result page (SERP). And if prospective renters using Google can’t find your NAP information at a glance on a local SERP, what do you think the likelihood is that they’ll reach out to your facility?

7.) Is unit inventory clearly labeled?

Ever called a store to check the availability of an item to learn it’s sold out? Imagine the frustration your storage renters feel after they select a unit to discover it’s already reserved. If your unit inventory isn’t labeled, that scenario could play out, which directly impacts the effectiveness of your conversion rate optimization efforts. Have your self storage marketing team clearly label all unit availability on your site. In addition, look to use action-oriented calls-to-action (CTAs) such as: “Last Unit Available – Book Now!”, “Limited Quantity”, “X Number Left – Reserve Today”.

8.) Are premium units prominent?

Ever wonder why specific products are on end cap displays in your local supermarket? Apply relevancy, convenience, and the opportunity to boost profitability as the drivers behind this conversion rate optimization tactic. Your self storage marketing team could prioritize units with extra features (climate control, prime location) above units in similar size categories to increase the potential of the premium units being clicked. The prominent visibility could help your more expensive units get noticed. Keep in mind: be transparent with pricing to avoid bait and switch accusations.

9.) Are offers and discounts prominent?

Offers and discounts are the low hanging fruit that encourages customers to buy products. As you know, some customers hunt for deals and will only buy products at a discount. Similar to the methodology of featuring premium units at the top of pages, make sure discounts and offers are featured where customers can see them. Place offers near unit sizes, pricing, and availability. Your self storage marketing team can also showcase discounts and offers above the fold on your home page, so they’re well aware of the deals your facility is running by the time they click to check unit availability.

…wait, where’s #10? Contact Us for the most Important CRO Question

We hope the conversion rate optimization questions we posed will help you hold your marketing team and agency of record accountable. We’ll be happy to answer the tenth CRO question (and more considerations) during an upcoming conversation. Call us at 877.843.1091 and we’ll help your facility convert customers with measurable precision!

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