How Your Organization Can Utilize the new COVID-19 Schema Update

On Monday, 7.0 rolled out, including new types of schema markup to help organizations around the world respond and adapt to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Below is an overview of the latest schema updates and the types of organizations and companies that will benefit from schema for coronavirus.

“SpecialAnnouncement” Schema

SpecialAnnouncement schema type provides date-stamped textual updates with markup that pairs an announcement with a specific situation. In this instance, SpecialAnnouncement schema related to the Coronavirus pandemic is being used to highlight announcements related to school and public transportation closures, quarantine guidelines, travel bans, information about getting tested and other key announcements.

The Special Announcement schema type is ideal for any organization operating in healthcare and the delivery of consumer facing healthcare and includes industries such as:

ProTip: If your organization has a dedicated page or callout regarding COVID-19, our team recommends that you implement SpecialAnnouncement schema markup.  That will help Google and other search engines understand precautions your organization is taking during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“EventAttendanceMode” Schema

EventAttendanceMode schema is designed to help event organizers adjust to workforces that temporarily have migrated to working remotely. With this type of schema markup, event organizers can indicate when an event has moved to a virtual event from an in person setting, or if the event is now a combination of online and offline.

This new modification makes it easier for event organizers to communicate how individuals can attend their upcoming event.

“CovidTestingFacility” Schema

As the name implies, this type of schema markup highlights areas where individuals can find a location to get tested for symptoms related to Coronavirus. With cases of COVID-19 spreading, people are conducting searches for facilities that can test them for symptoms. To meet that demand, make-shift testing centers are also being constructed. Whether these facilities are newly constructed or part of a long-standing healthcare system, this schema markup makes these testing sites easier to locate.

Contact Our Team to Help Implement Types of Schema Markup

COVID-19 has created urgency for information and answers. This search for information has been swiftly met with new types of schema markup, but that isn’t to say this markup is intuitive to every organization it applies to. If your organization needs help implementing schema for coronavirus or any other schema type, we will be happy to provide a strategy and implementation plan.

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