Creating a Content Building Strategy

Everybody knows that content is king.  But how exactly does one go about creating content?  If you think about all the content you need to generate for blogs and social media sites, maybe even ebooks and white papers, it definitely can be overwhelming.  Yet having good content is so important- it can help your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.  This is why it’s key to have a content strategy for your business.

A good strategy involves the following pieces:

1)      Knowing your buyers.  Who exactly are you writing content for?  Having knowledge of your customers’ problems, needs, concerns, and even their interests will help you develop personas to target your content specifically.

2)      Knowing what stage of the buying cycle your customers are in. Are your customers ready to make a purchase decision?  Or do they just need information on a product or service?  Do they know all the services you offer?  Knowing where they’re at in the buying cycle will help to determine what type of content you need to develop.

3)      Setting up an editorial calendar. Stay on track with your posts and who you’re targeting by utilizing a calendar or spreadsheet for at least a month out.  You want to make sure you’re creating a good mix of content throughout the month to cover a diverse audience.

Ideas for good content are all around.  Have weekly or monthly brainstorming sessions with your coworkers to come up with ideas- several heads are better than one! Or, you might be struck by genius at the end of the day, when your computer is already shut down, so make sure you’re ready to take note of ideas at all times.  Keep a notebook of them as an archive of sorts.  This way, when you’re ready to create new content, it’s right there at your fingertips.

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