Convert Renters with 3 Self-Storage Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

You’ve completed the process of getting a customer to visit your website via organic, paid, or content channels. Now, how do you move them through the purchasing funnel and convert them into leasing one of your storage facilities units?

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO marketing, will help your website convert more customers from the traffic your website gets. The self-storage marketing space is competitive, and prospective tenants visiting your site will either choose your facility or will rent elsewhere.

Hubspot’s roundup of CRO marketing stats in 2018 revealed that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. Does your self-storage facility struggle with converting traffic into customers? Are your customers able to find unit pricing, availability, unit sizes and features easily when visiting on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices?

We’ll provide three CRO marketing tactics your team should implement in 2018 to convert more tenants.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Conversion Rate Optimization is utilized for self-storage
  • 3 CRO marketing tactics your facility can take in 2018
  • Where to find the Linkmedia 360 team next week at SSA Orlando 2018

What is CRO Marketing & how should my Self-Storage facility use it?

Being specific and purposeful while targeting self-storage customers requires a dedicated strategy, but the payoffs are worth the effort. CRO marketing goes beyond converting visitors into customers. CRO measures how effective your website is at converting a prospective customer into completing the action you want them to take.

For example, maybe you want to track the percentage of people who download a storage decision guide that you’ve amplified on paid and social channels. Your self-storage marketing team can tie numerous goals and KPI’s behind sound CRO marketing tactics.

3 CRO Marketing recommendations for Self-Storage in 2018

1.) Follow UX Best Practices with Mobile and Desktop – Prospective customers are visiting your website a variety of ways, and self-storage marketers must optimize for the devices your tenants are using to search for you. If your website hasn’t already, look to implement the following:

  • Fast on-page loading times
  • Clear, concise, and prominent Call-to-Action (CTA’s)
  • CTA’s above the fold (top of the page so the user doesn’t have to scroll down to find it)
  • Visible unit pricing, sizing options and availability
  • Easy to navigate layout (5 click or less to convert and solve their problem)
  • Storage unit features prominently displayed (24-hour access, climate-controlled units, boat/RV/car/vehicle storage units)
  • Easy and intuitive online bill pay
  • Streamlined payment/leasing process

What’s best for the user visiting your storage facility’s website is beneficial to your occupancy goals. On mobile, 78% of customers abandoned shopping cart purchases, and on desktop 63% of users will come close to converting and leasing a storage unit before making the purchase. For the prospective customers who don’t convert on your website, look to apply a retargeting strategy to stay top-of-mind.

2.) Implement Retargeting Strategies – Retargeting is the equivalent of marketing déjà vu and is a cost-effective CRO marketing tactic to stay on prospective renter’s radars. Retargeting uses cookies to keep an ad for your self-storage facility in front of traffic that has bounced from your website, based on their previous session. Retargeting will assist your overall occupancy strategy and keep your facility visible to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

3.) Use Heat Mapping to pinpoint clicks and CRO Marketing opportunities – What’s traffic to your website if you can’t derive insight from it? Heat maps show where the clicks and activity are happening on a given web page. It can also reveal where users would like to see a clickable button or CTA. From a strategic standpoint, heat maps will help point out opportunities for quick wins. Conversion opportunities are opened up by users themselves showing you where they would like you to place a button or form.

Where to find Linkmedia 360 at SSA Orlando 2018

Leading customers from their initial search and converting to a move-in is tough. CRO marketing will help your self-storage facility maximize that traffic. If your self-storage marketing team has any questions about CRO marketing, you can ask the Linkmedia 360 self-storage marketing team next week in Orlando for SSA’s Spring Conference. You can find us at booth 126.

We’ll be demonstrating the opportunity self-storage facilities can take advantage of by optimizing for voice activated search at our booth at SSA’s Spring Conference. You can also put yourself in the running for a Google Home Mini as a prize. SSA Orlando is right around the corner, but if your self-storage marketing team has a question about CRO before then, feel free to contact us. Our self-storage team will do our best to help your facility convert its traffic and surpass occupancy goals.

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