3 CRO Best Practices for Addiction Rehab Marketing in 2018

Addiction marketers: as a resource to struggling addicts and their friends and families, you’ve worked hard to create the most useful content for your website. Based on your Google Analytics data, your team has even noticed an uptick in traffic. Congratulations! However, your admissions’ staff isn’t receiving an uptick in phone calls relative to the increase in traffic. What went wrong?

Perhaps your rehab marketing team should shift its focus to converting the traffic your site’s currently receiving. Good thing there are techniques completely in your control to convert more of its site visitors into calls/inquiries/tours/intakes.

In this post your rehab marketing team will learn:

  • The definition of CRO marketing
  • 3 CRO marketing best practices your drug rehab marketing team can implement to increase the number of calls to your treatment center’s staff

What’s Conversion Rate Optimization?

Or, CRO for the pros. Simply put, conversion rate optimization is the dedicated strategy behind how well your website produces an action or converts website visitors. Keep in mind, in CRO marketing, a conversion isn’t always measured as a click that leads to a phone call. Your rehab marketing team can set up alternative goals that can count as “assisted conversions”, such as:

  • An online form fill
  • Downloading a premium piece of content
  • Clicking on a contact us page
  • Scroll depth on specific pages

CRO Marketing Best Practices for Rehab Marketers in 2018

Now that we’ve addressed the baseline definition, let’s dive into some best practices to set your drug treatment center up for CRO marketing success.

Best Practice #1: Follow The Call-To-Action (CTA) Trifecta – A button, form, or call-to-action (CTA) prompts site visitors to do the action we desire, but to go beyond the creation of these conversion elements, follow these simple three steps:

  1. Make sure your CTA (most likely your drug rehab facility’s phone number) is Prominent (above the fold)
  2. Make sure your CTA is Clickable (for mobile and desktop)
  3. Ensure your CTA is Trackable (set up an event and/or goal in Google Analytics)

Prominent, clickable, and trackable. If your rehab marketing team sets your CTA’s up to handle these three tasks, then your facility should start to see improvements in the number of site visitors converted into calls and intakes. In any case, after your drug rehab center has implemented these elements, it can begin testing to maximize the conversion potential.

Best Practice #2: Continually Test Conversion Elements – Whether your rehab marketing team is using a split test A/B test, or another, it’s important to consistently test any conversion element your website has in place to minimize the likelihood of site traffic and leads slipping through the cracks. To set your CRO marketing efforts up for success, follow these guidelines when testing conversion elements:

• Try to perform one conversion test at a time
• Have a sample size large enough to mitigate the risk of flawed data and results
• Indicate a pre-determined objective (question your team would like to have answered) before testing conversion elements
Before your rehab marketing team changes the color of a button, increases the size of its phone number, or spontaneously creates a landing page, it’s crucial to keep the guidelines we recommended at the forefront. It could come to save your facility a lot of time, money, and faulty implementation. Some tests may only take a week, others, a month or longer, but stay the course so your facility has conclusive evidence into what’s truly impacting visitor action on your site.

Best Practice #3: Use Heat Mapping to Determine User Behavior – First, let’s simplify. Heat mapping is the process of tracking where users are clicking on your web pages. Remember the ‘Predator’ movies? In theory, heat mapping works similarly. The light to dark blue areas on a web page aren’t receiving clicks or traffic, so DON’T put your CTA in those places. However, areas with warmer colors of magenta to dark red are fair game and your team should capitalize on that prime real estate with the conversion element of your choice. Heat mapping will inform the insights from CRO tests, so use this in tandem to maximize the potential to convert an intake to your staff. One tool our team recommends is Hotjar.

An example of Hotjar’s heat mapping capabilities from its site

Test and Ye Shall Convert: CRO Marketing for Drug Treatment Centers

One aspect of CRO marketing that your drug treatment center should keep in mind is that the practice is never-ending. Don’t be satisfied with yesterday’s or even today’s success. There’s always traffic on your site that theoretically could convert into an intake, and the closer your rehab marketing team hones its strategy to this goal, the more your admissions staff should expect to hear its phone ringing.

Of course, if your rehab marketing team needs help converting its traffic or feels more lost than a dark blue heat signature, contact our team. We’ll help your addiction treatment center convert with purpose and precision.

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