Cross Device Retargeting

Mobile phones have become prevalent in our society and are turning into a great lead source for business!  Mobile advertising has grown from a “great unknown” source of revenue to a big advertising opportunity for businesses and brands. As consumers’ search patterns change from just  using the desktop to using tablets and mobile phones, the marketing industry has to adapt to the change in technology usage behavior. Mobile advertising products are continuously changing to meet the demand of the users, and marketers are developing highly targeted local mobile marketing programs. The importance of mobile marketing, mobile search and local mobile search is getting stronger every day.

YP and DexMedia have developed various mobile marketing programs that specifically target consumers via mobile banners. These ads appear on an app such as Pandora or Target and can reach a consumer when they are ready to buy! These ads then take a consumer to a mobile landing page where they can directly call the store, restaurant or business or they can click through to the business’s website. These programs continue to develop as technology changes.

YP Cross Device Advertising has 100 million monthly visitors across online and mobile platforms. There are over 2.3 billion annual searches on with 77% of those searches resulting in merchant contact. Of those 77%, 66% of users actually make a purchase. has found that 7 out of 10 YP searchers switch devices to complete their local business search. Consumers who search for local products and services on their mobile device will more likely follow through with the purchase. These stats show that people are ready to buy when they are searching for information on

YP has developed a cross device advertising program which targets the user and not just a geography or demographic. The targeting starts with searching on via your desktop and will follow the user to their mobile device (tablet or phone) by using proprietary 1st party search data. The cross devise advertising program allows brands and companies to engage with the consumers when they are ready to buy. This is done by engaging consumers across multiple devices and turning the search query into a targeted mobile ad. The program uses real time targeting following a consumer’s search activity. It extends the reach and effectiveness of search and other ad campaigns, and then engages the consumer on any device. This allows brands who advertise to connect with consumers who are ready to buy! The cross device marketing is private, happens in real time and can quickly send an ad to the consumer based on their location.

As mobile usage continues to grow, more companies will be developing mobile advertising programs to reach the consumer when they are ready to buy! Linkmedia 360 works with these companies in order to find the best mobile advertising solutions for our clients.


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